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I’m a candid wedding photographer i.e. a wedding photographer who is also candid :) Photography and I have been in a “its complicated” relationship for the past three years. No matter where life is taking me (from an MBA in a top finance university of the US to forex trading for an Indian Energy company), photography has been there to fill ”the void” like nothing else does. So here I am, trying to relive the child me. Trying to doodle with light and capture pictures that can bring about a smile, a tear .. or just plain old WOW! :D Our team houses some of the best wedding photogs in India. We shoot with top end gear and give even better service. Bad jokes come complimentary. We don’t look at our watch when we shoot, we don’t keep u waiting for the pictures that we shot and we don’t care if there is a hailstorm on the day of shoot. We shoot! That is what we love doing and *hopefully* our pictures reflect the same.
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