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Photogenic-Wedding Photography

Pranjal Pratim is an ace photographer based in Guwahati (Assam). He started his career way back in 2001, as a freelancer in the Fashion and Glamour Photography world of North East. Since then he has been associated with all the leading publications, advertising and media Houses of North East. After all these years of experience and learning he is coming up with a team of professionals to give the best in anyway people can have in preserving life's most precious moments of wedding. The team comprises of enthusiastic, creative professional photographers, videographers, editors and graphic designers working all together to make your life's special event truly magical with “Photogenic-Wedding Photography” . The team truly captures a feeling within the lens, taking a photo not just of a bride and groom, but of love, hugs, tears, laughter and all those memorable special moments. The Team truly believe in delivering truly master piece of art through their lenses..
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