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Rare Expressions Photography

Sourabh Das, am one of the very few people in this world who have switched from one profession to another absolutely different one just for the love of it. I was another run-of-the-mill engineer in love with the creative and enticing world of Photography. Soon enough I decided to make my passion and love my profession to make each day at work the most fun-filled and exciting one ever ! You may wonder what is so special about Wedding Photography. It is the value and emotions everyone attaches to the same. Nothing gratifies my soul more than eternally capturing the euphoria and overwhelming emotions people experience at these once-in-a-life-time occasions and letting them cherish these special moments till eternity. The variety of rituals, the riot of colors and the essence of looks at these weddings inspire me to capture them through my lenses beyond words. The burning desire in my heart to witness and explore different cultures through weddings makes Destination and International Wedding Photography my favorites. Being a candid photographer I take utmost care to preserve the originality of the photographs and enhance their essences at the same time. It is my word that my charge is worth the beautiful memories that you will cherish all your lives. I also cater to Corporate Function and Event Photography as well as all kinds of Family Function Photography.
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