Wedding Planner Handbook

Planning is the first step to the accomplishment of any goal. In case of a wedding , the planning should start from the very day the date is fixed. Although there are a number of wedding planners available, the joy of planning one’s own wedding is an experience in itself, and to make it an easier and an organized one, we gift you a personal wedding planner.

Planning your wedding could bring along with it, a number of challenges. These are not to be worried about because they can be dealt with easily, and we will tell you how. Your planning should be followed by an organised set of categories so that you can take up and complete one event at a time, for example, the wedding and related ceremonies like the mehendi, sangeet, reception etc could be put under different headings and then you could pen down what you want to do, wear, get served etc on each separate occasion, and what kind of vendors would you need for it. Your planner has enough space for you to categorize as well as to scribble down phone numbers of various vendors. This way your only job left will be to communicate with these vendors and keep following up until the Big day. Most importantly, throughout all this, you must not forget to breath ..

Sections in the Planner

Your planner will contain the following sections in order to help you sort things out better.
  1. Checklist
  2. Wedding Quotes
  3. Budgeting
  4. Wedding Songs
  5. Shopping List
  6. Wedding Jokes
  7. Guest List
  8. History of Engagement Ring
  9. Notes
  10. Wedding Word Grid

Specifications :
Width: 5.8 inches | Height : 8.3 inches | Number of sections : 5 | Number of Pages : 120