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Rs 1499
Rs 2499
Wedding Site Validity
1 Month 6 Months 1 Year
Wedding Events
Photo Slideshow
Password Protection
Beautiful Designs for your site
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Limited Additional Additional
Additional Pages for your site
Limited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of photos you can upload
Limited (50) Limited (250) Unlimited
Background music of your choice
Send Invititation SMSes to guests
500 Unlimited
Your personal .COM address
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Deepak & Nidhi
I was looking for a simple E-Invitation when I found And within a day I had a multi-page wedding site with my own .COM address :)
Prashant & Priyanka
The team was always available to resolve our queries! Thank you for helping us create our perfect wedding site!
What happens to my Free Website after 30 days?
Your website will be deactivated and you or your guests will not be able to see your wedding website. If you want to keep your website active for a longer time, you can upgrade to a Gold or a Platinum website
How long does it take for the .COM to be activated?
After you pay for the Platinum Wedding Site, your .com address will be connected to your site and will be Live within a maximum of 2 working days.
For a platinum wedding site, do I have to buy the .COM myself?
Nope, there’s absolutely no effort required from you! Once you upgrade to platinum, everything else will be done automatically!
I have already made a lot of changes to my Wedding Site. If I upgrade, will those changes be lost?
Don’t worry, all your changes are safe :) When you upgrade to Gold or Platinum, your changes changes will be automatically transferred to your upgraded website!
I already own a .COM domain name, can I directly connect it to my wedding website?
Yes, you can! Get in touch with us at or +91 88803 20005 and we will help you with this!
For Gold and Platinum, what happens at the end of 1 year? Will my wedding site be deactivated?
Yes, at the end of one year from the time you upgrade, your website will be deactivated. But don’t worry! If you want, you can keep it live by paying half the price of the Gold or Platinum website! This way you can cherish your wedding memories forever!
After I upgrade, what music can I add to my wedding site?
You can add any music you want. Simply upload an mp3 file to your wedding site, and it will automatically keep playing in the background as guests navigate through your site :)
What are Premium Designs? Where can I see them?
Premium Designs are special designs made exclusively for Gold and Platinum websites. You can Click Here to see some samples.
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