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New Trends in Wedding Invitations

New Trends in Wedding InvitationsThe 'Wedding season' is here! The planning is in full swing, markets are thronged by brides, grooms and their families shopping their way to the final day...the crazy fun has just begun! But what different can you do to make your wedding a unique and luxurious affair...we give you the answer. Choose a Wedding Invite that's customized, exclusive and boasts of your style. Puneet Gupta, tells you what goes into designing these personalized invites and what are the trends to look out for this wedding season. Read on.....

New Trends in Wedding InvitationsWhile designing a wedding card for a client what are the most important things you have to keep in mind?

A. While designing a wedding invite for a couple, the most important thing to keep in mind is the happiness of the bride or groom for whom one is designing. Their decision & liking needs to be considered before anyone else's....its the most special day of their life so the trailer of that big moment has to be equally spectacular. The idea is to ensure that the theme is beautifully and elegantly incorporated in the invite concept. The colors have to be right as per the season....actually there are a lot of such factors that one should take into consideration while designing. These include the personality of the bride & the groom, wedding attire, kind of marriage etc which are often ignored by many designers.

New Trends in Wedding InvitationsWhat is the biggest trend in wedding cards this year?

New Trends in Wedding InvitationsA. The latest trend for wedding cards this year is Vintage Regalia....invites inspired by the British Raj...the grand life of the Royal families, Indian Architecture and Nizam jewels. Typically this would mean:

New Trends in Wedding Invitations Antiquated finishes which makes the invites look royal and elegant

New Trends in Wedding Invitations The color palette will be a beautiful mix of Ivory, Camel, distressed golds, chocolate and natural wood with real gem colors

New Trends in Wedding Invitations Fligree work and Monumental jalis

New Trends in Wedding InvitationsCan you elaborate on the use of printing technology in designing wedding invitations?

A. Today technology and design go hand in hand. As far as printing technology is concerned, the beauty is in creating finely crafted invites with timeless Indian craftsmanship fused with cutting edge printing technology. Innovation is the key...we are always up to experimenting ! Be it printing on newer materials, trying new styles of printing or using a primitive technique in the most unconventional manner. With wonderful innovation happening around the world its our endeavor to get the latest for our discerning clientele.

New Trends in Wedding InvitationsWhy do you think the trend of luxury invitation cards is on the rise?

New Trends in Wedding InvitationsA. The industry has changed drastically, with every season the market is growing with leaps and bounds...there was a time when invitations were just about a basic cream and cold printed card with two inserts but not any more. Today it has to be larger than life...extremely grand and and high decibel glamour. Its has become one of the most important aspects of a well planned good wedding. People are really going out of the way to make sure that the first impression of their wedding is quite unique.

New Trends in Wedding InvitationsDo you still get people wanting to for simple invitations and not spend a lot of money? Talk about their taste and preferences.

A. Yes, the fact is that buying expensive invites doesn't make your wedding classy or need to have an eye for detail and style. At times even simplest of invites can come out extremely elegant. We have seen this at our own studio as well. There are people who like very unstated elegance and don’t like garish stuff at all...there invites are generally muted in all aspects except for style and sophistication.

New Trends in Wedding InvitationsWhat are the accessories which go along with invitations and are trending these days?

A. Lot of interesting gifts and accessories go along with the invites these days. These include graphic printed stoles, divine idols, fragrance candles etc.

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