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Weddings go High-Tech! say Swathi and Akash

Indian Weddings go High-Tech! Say Swati & Akash

It was about time for Prashanth to tie the knot with Archana. Everything was the same as is supposed to be in a traditional wedding except that there were no photographers or videographers blocking the view and insisting the bride and the groom to pose; although people across the globe were able to view it live right from the comfort of their home. Thanks to the new age “High-Tech” weddings.

Its not just Archana and Prashanth; today more and more couples are opting for utilizing cutting edge technology in their weddings and making it a memorable one. Be it live video streaming of the wedding rituals or a time lapse video being recorded by a camera mounted on a nearby pillar; these are the common sights in a modern wedding today.

Some of the popular technologies assisting modern weddings are..

Wedding shopping on the Internet

This comes as a life saver when the bride and the groom realize that they have very little or no time left to shop for the upcoming wedding. With dozens of online shopping websites coming up every month, offering competitive services, its become an easier choice to shop online rather than wander mall to mall in the traffic.

Wedding Websites & e-Invites

Indian Weddings go High-Tech! Say Swati & AkashThese days Wedding Websites offer couples the option to plan their wedding online i.e. prepare a to-do list, a guest list, track their finances etc. Also it works as a great interactive platform for the couple and their guests. For e.g. in a situation where the guest is unable to locate the venue and is on his way, he can access the wedding website on his phone to get details and directions. Similarly last-minute things that need to be taken care of or picked up by the friends or family can be discussed on such a platform.

Another offering from the Internet era is the ability to easily subscribe to an online service which not only helps the bride-groom design their e-invite but also delivers them to the listed guests without the couple having to sweat behind it. Additionally social media today, plays an important role in announcing the wedding as an event and inviting selected guests picked from the contact list with option to RSVP.

Online Wedding Gifts Wishlist

Online shopping sites (like are coming up with the concept of “public wishlist” where the couple can jot down and share their wishlist online. On the other hand, family, relatives & friends can choose items from the list and buy them online itself which are then automatically gift wrapped and delivered to the couple. This way the couple doesn't end up with duplicate presents. Sounds much more practical, doesn't it?

Live Video Streaming

Internet is not just limited to making cost effective calls overseas these days, it also offers easy setup of live video streaming. This is a boon for those who could not make it to the wedding but wish to catch up the ongoing rituals online.

Short Creative Highlight Videos

Indian Weddings go High-Tech! Say Swati & AkashWith the scarcity of time today, no one wishes to watch hours of recorded wedding videos. A 5-7 minute highlight video creatively compiled together is the choice of the day. Candid photographers and cinematographers have gone a step ahead in utilizing advance technologies like camera stabilizers, advance post production techniques to offer these.

Is today’s generation willing to utilize such high-tech offerings in their weddings? The answer is “Yes”. Couples are willing to experiment with new aspects to make their wedding a memorable one. They are taking every step possible towards making the special event more and more contemporary under the shadow of technology.

  • That's a nice list of gigs in use today; gives me some ideas for my own wedding! Hope these are easily accessible.

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