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'A lot on my Palette' - Changing Trends in Wedding Cuisine

Changing Trends in Wedding Cuisine

An Indian Wedding without a lavish layout of food is incomplete! The idea of attending an Indian Wedding instantly sends a salivating signal to our sensory palette-the typical aroma of curries, kebabs, the famous overnight cooked dal makhani and an endless display of traditional Indian Sweets. Mmmm!!

However a lot has changed in the traditional Wedding Catering Scenario in the last few years. One hardly sees a humble 'Indian Cuisine' layout anymore. After an endless variety of snacks served from cuisines from all over the world-kebabs, fish, prawns, even duck! -one is actually expected to feast on Indian, Mughlai (Kebabs, Biryani, Shahi Korma), Chinese, Oriental (Pad Thai, Glass noodles), Lebanese (Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Hummus), Continental (Chicken Stroganoff, Cold Salads, Soups) 'Live Pasta' section for an all encompassing 'Main Course' meal. Phew! If that wasn't enough, head to the 'Desserts' Zone and you will experience a head rush when you see a 'Halwa Bar', meaning you have the option to choose from atleast 5 different variety of halwas- Badam, Anjeer, Moong dal, Beetroot, Carrot!

Not an Indian sweets fan? Don't worry, you won't be disappointed. There is an assortment of tarts, pastries, eclairs and ice-creams in store for you. For those willing to experiment, there is something known an 'Fusion Cuisine' which is definitely worth a try. This cuisine offers a different taste to your palette and pleases both your Indian and English set of preferences. You should definitely try the Blue Berry Chhenna Payesh and Granny Smith Kheer. Also alongside your usual Chocolate Fountain is the 'Rabri Fountain'. Wow....can it get any desier than this??

Changing Trends in Wedding Cuisine"Today, couples attend 'Tasting Sessions' with their caterers to plan that perfect menu which has just the right combination of elements needed to please the taste buds of their guests. This is especially a typical exercise for those couples who have guests coming from abroad to attend the wedding. Also the Indian palette has changed over time. People have surpassed the traditional oily food to a more refined taste........." says Mr. Varindar Handa founder of Creative Cuisines, Delhi who did a course in International Hospitality Management from Sydney, Australia before starting his high-end catering service business in India.

The final verdict however varies. While some couples think its a great idea to make their wedding a memorable food experience for their guests, others continue to rely on their old trusted caterers for the final menu without much interference. It all depends on the budget that one is looking at. A greater variety would automatically mean a larger investment. This also depends upon the couple itself-couples who claim themselves to be 'foodies' consider it one of the most important aspects of planning their wedding.

Young budding entrepreneurs who specialize in the Wedding Food business have a lot of creativity to offer given their fresh outlook towards fusion cuisine. The market for traditional caterers still exists but the transition towards a more experimental approach is also evident. So all couples getting married this winter, astound your family and guests with a layout that will leave their stomachs full and their hearts asking for more!

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