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It's not a cake .. it's a story!!

Today weddings are all about themes. Gone are the days when the couple's families used to sit and plan a simple ceremony to solemnize the wedding ritual. These days every couple likes to take keen interest in looking into every aspect of the wedding planning and add new and innovative elements to the entire celebration.

One such concept which has developed over a period of time is that of 'Wedding Cakes'. It is definitely not a new concept. Infact, its a very traditional element of weddings all over the world. However in the Indian Scenario, our signature 'Mithais' have finally taken a back seat as couples have started showing greater inclination towards getting 'Custom' or 'Designer' cakes for their D-Day celebrations. These bakers are in a way artists because not only do these cakes taste heavenly but they look as if they have come right out of a designer's boutique.

The couple actually takes out time to discuss the flavour, size, colour scheme and most importantly concept behind the cake so as to match their story and theme for the wedding.

One such Patissier shares her experience of creating a beautiful cake for a couple very much in love!

Ipshita's Cakes Mama Bakes

The Story!!

From as long as I can remember, my early childhood memories are of me helping my mother bake my birthday cake, biscuits etc. All I ever wanted to be was become a Chef and by the time I was in my teens I was extremely passionate about food.

Over time I have realized that every time someone calls me up for a cake, it's not for a cake. It's to create a fantasy. A fantasy which they have dreamt about. and I am only too happy to make them come alive. Well, in most cases this is what happens but there are times when it's not a fantasy or a dream, it's a story. A couple of months ago I got a mail from someone from another corner of the world asking if I would design her wedding cake. The only condition was, this was not to be a regular wedding cake but something which would tell their story. How exciting!!!

So, here goes their story...he was from northern India and she was from the east. Both lived in two different continents but were now soon going to become one. A young couple very much in love, they spent their time together travelling and in one of their trips to Capadocia, Turkey, he popped the question. Now that's what you would call a perfect proposal!

She ran a travel company and they loved the beach and taking pictures. Together they had traveled to a few countries. Besides this, there was one thing he was passionate about and that was his running. He loved taking part in marathons. This was their story and I had to create something which would have all these elements. I was truly excited and thought that this is what every wedding cake should be about. The couple's story!!

So after exchanging many emails, design ideas and concepts, I designed the 'Bon Voyage: A love story'. A story which was told in a different format where one actually enjoyed eating his/ her own words!

Ipshita's Cakes Mama BakesDescription of the cake

Though the cake was very different, the flavour was classic. It was a dark moist chocolate cake with a dark chocolate Ganache filling. Covered in fondant, the entire cake was edible. The grass was Swiss butter-cream that literally melted in your mouth!

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