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Pre Bridal Skin Care

Pre-Bridal skin care should begin at least one month before your wedding. Although most of us take up various pre bridal packages available at spas and salons, but along with those or independently, it is very important to follow a personal beauty regime. This regime need not be the most elaborated one, but it definitely has to be disciplined.

We shall begin with nature's best gift to us, Water. It is the best thing you can consume to give your skin an instant glow. 8-10 glasses of water in a day is a must. This helps you detoxify and keeps your skin hydrated.

Begin your day with 4 glasses of warm water and a bowl of papaya. This cleanses your system which reflects on your skin and keeps you calm. Oranges, Apples and Guava are fruits that you can always keep handy and eat between meals. Remember, the idea is to stay away from fried and junk food. Nevertheless, you must have a balanced oil intake for it helps in lubrication and prevents your skin from dryness. Stick to healthy home made food and make sure you have lots of basic salad made out of cucumber, tomatoes, carrots etc. It need not be a lavish affair, just keep it simple.

Every time you decide to head out, don't forget to use a sunblock. Even if you are applying make up, keep a sunblock base. Apply it 15 mins. prior to stepping out and in those 15 mins. make sure that you do not sweat. Your skin must absorb the sunblock fully for it to give you best results.

Before sleeping follow the 'CTM' every night. Cleansing will get rid of the dirt particles and let your skin breathe. Toning will restore your pH balance. Moisturizing will keep your skin soft and supple. Always invest in a good night cream, one that is mild and preferably without fragrance.

Do a basic home facial once every week. For this you need to use a scrub, follow that with steam and cover it up with a face pack that could be homemade or bought.

To get effective results from your skin products and facial routines it is very important for you to first understand your skin type. If you have very dry skin, wash your face with a soap-free face wash available in many brands like ponds, himalaya etc. and regularly moisturize with a slightly thick cream like 'ponds cold cream'. This will eventually make your skin the normal (desired) type.

If you feel you have oily skin, then use a thin non-oily cream like the 'clean and clear oil balancing moisturizer' after washing your face with an oil controlling face wash, available in brands like nivea, himalaya, dove etc. Avoid washing your face with tap water and start your day with washing your face with ice-cold water. This ensures the prevention of pimples that may occur due to excess oil.

Then there is the mixed skin type, this is the most common type found in the Indian climate. People with this kind of skin generally have parts of their skin which are dry and patchy and parts that are oily, in these cases it is best to use two types of moisturizers as well as two types of face wash or you could even opt for a face wash specifically for mixed skin, there's one available in nivea . The dry areas should be treated with soap free face wash and thick creams, while the oily areas with oil controlling face wash and mild creams, it is a bit of an extra effort as compared to other skin types, nevertheless, with regular moisturizing in this manner, you will attain a normal skin type in no time and then that will be a lot easier to maintain. The idea is to strike a balance between oily and dry skin.

Last but not the least, Sleep! Besides keeping you calm, it is very good for your skin. Sleeping for a minimum of 7 hours in a day is a must. Your body needs rest, and sleeping is the best way. It makes your skin glow and prevents forming of dark circles. The best time to sleep is between 10:00 p.m and 5:00 a.m., so make sure you catch up on all your sleep between these hours.

We understand your apprehension for the big day, but more than half of it will be gone each time you look at yourself in the mirror and your skin smiles back at you. :)

  • I always get a red plump pimple during goes off but at a very slow pace..Please suggest.. Thank you..


  • I think you can try Pure Skin Hide and Treat. It's the best you can do to get rid of pimples.

  • Yes, it's quite essential to have beautiful and natural skin. And for that I suggested my friends Ecobeauty products as they are really good for skin and restores the moisture in it.

  • Pure Skin Hide & Treat is the best that I know. Works well for any type of skin.

  • Moisturising is the best that I can come up with. I use Aqua-Rhythm Intense Hydration Youth and it is the best. It works quite well on my skin.

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