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Unique Gifting Ideas for Weddings

Unique Gifting Ideas for a Wedding

Be it your best friends wedding or your beloved cousin’s…the love in your gift does not change in any way. So this season why not gift something unique that makes the bride and groom ecstatic about the gift and their future together.

We know that porcelain masterpieces on the shelves or 'his and her' watch sets or bathroom set scream at you while you go out for wedding shopping. But Hey! Stop right there. A whole new bunch of wedding gift ideas are floating in the air. And we here are there to help you choose the best possible gift this wedding season.

New Wedding Gift Trends

Taking a cue from celeb weddings, many brides and grooms are opting for Gift Registry where guests donate to the couple’s favourite charity instead of showering them with expensive and lovely gifts. But what if the bride and groom are too special to you? So you still want to gift them something special. Choose from the following exceptional wedding gifts…

Unique Wedding Gifts

If you want to give something extra special then some of the picks can be:

Unique Gifting Ideas for a WeddingGift a Wedding Website – Seize the moments for your best friends by gifting them a wedding website or the Wedsite. Share the joy of their wedding night and/or engagement with the bride and groom. Give them a chance to relive their lovely memories and their story of meeting each other through your perfect gift of a wedsite.

Honeymoon Package by friends – Why let the bride or groom’s parents go through the pain of searching a perfect honeymoon spot for the couple and then arranging the tickets. Get together with few more friends and find exotic honeymoon packages and gift it together to the couple. It will make the bride and groom glad and it will be light on your pocket too.

Personalized Wedding Gifts

For those couples who can never get enough of themselves, here are some ideas on what to gift them:

Wedding bell – A perfect gift for the new bride and groom can be a personalized wedding bells hung right outside their room. A nice chime, ringing every time, they enter their room to remind them of their beautiful married life. You can choose from embossing the bride and groom’s picture or steal their funny childhood pictures to make it more interesting. Or you can simply put a message that you’d like to give to the newly wedded couple.

Champagne Flute – These are those long narrow crystal champagne glasses. Classic and elegant as ever, print motifs or names of the bride and groom on champagne flute makes for a perfect wedding gift this season.

Quirky Wedding Gifts

Feel like tickling the funny bone in you and the newly wedded! Well, here are some ideas.

Statue of miniatures – Liberating as ever, a perfect gift for your groom friend can be a miniature of liquor bottles stacked together as a centre piece. And not just empty bottles!! This vintage and beautiful piece of furniture will always find a place for itself in the newly wedded couple’s house.

Bridesmaid presents – Girls here comes a good one for your bride friend. Remember the funny things that happened at the bachelorette party where you all pasted your lipstick marks on a piece of paper. Or those pictures where you had no idea that what poses you were making with your soon to-be-bride friend. Well, it’s time to put it to some use. Frame those moments and gift it to your pal as a memory worth sharing for eternity.

So even if a stranger is about to steal your best friend away from you, these gifts will always keep you friends together and ever.

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