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10 Secrets of becoming a Perfect Homemaker!

Every woman dreams of a perfect home, a home where she can bring up her family in the best possible way, sounds easy but it is one of the most difficult jobs to do. Whether you are going to be/are a full time housewife or a working woman, the 10 easy steps listed below will ensure that you become a perfect home maker.

If practiced consistently, these 10 easy steps will help you and your family live a near-perfect family life.

magical ways to a perfect home

How to be a perfect homemaker Creating the right mindset

First and foremost is to create the right mindset, that family comes first, in the end it is for them that you are going to do, whatever you plan to do in a day, this is step 1 to be the perfect homemaker.

How to be a perfect homemaker Plan your daily or weekly schedule

Make a list of how you are going to go about daily activities like cooking, cleaning, shopping, gardening and also plan the weekly/monthly activities like taking the kids out on a trip, paying the utility bills.

If you are visiting relatives, try to stick to the plan as much as possible but never be too rigid. There are genuine instances where you have to make a few adjustments, so be flexible enough to accommodate these.

How to be a perfect homemaker Organize the house

Kids can be messy at the best of times, throwing things or their toys here and there. Even the big grown man at home could be too lazy to stack his clothes or belongings properly.

Inculcate the disciple of organizing things in them, and when you first setup your home, assign places for everything, follow the plan yourself and make them follow it, but avoid nagging them about it.

How to be a perfect homemaker Cleanliness and decorating

Keep the home clean and tidy and encourage each family member to be a part of this cleanliness. Also throw in a few items for decoration, but don't overdo it. You could have a small garden outside or a fish tank indoors.

How to be a perfect homemaker Groom yourself

Even though you may be busy whole day working for the family, don't forget to take some off time for yourself. Visit a good parlor, get a beauty treatment, try out a new hairstyle/ color and give your spouse a pleasant surprise.

How to be a perfect homemaker Be optimistic and engaging

magical ways to a perfect homeA husband likes his wife to be gentle yet strong; he wants her to be a part of the family decisions, have a positive outlook towards life, take initiative in doing things, or even take charge of the home during his absence.

Show him and your kids that you can be a strong woman - another important aspect of being a perfect home maker.

How to be a perfect homemaker Learn some special recipes

Surprise your kids, your spouse or your in-laws with some delicacies, join a short term cooking class, order a book or learn from the net. There are thousands of recipes available which will suit all tastes.

How to be a perfect homemaker Be lovable

Be a loving mom to your kids, pamper them with gifts or treats, be a friend to your teens and to your husband. Don't let the fire die between you and him, try out new romantic ways to please him or take off to a holiday destination to revive your love life.

How to be a perfect homemaker Respect his family and friends

Whether you get a surprise visit of his friends or family members, be adaptable and amiable enough to entertain them, cook for them and show respect for their views.

How to be a perfect homemaker Have your own life

After a long day’s work you too need time for yourself. You can spend it alone listening to music, watching your favorite TV program, or go out with your friends to a play, movie or try out an adventure sport you like.

If you follow these 10 easy steps, you are sure to be the perfect home maker and create a happy and cheerful environment in your home and heart.

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