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How to Deal with your Best Friend's Wedding

People are congratulating her, rejoicing in her happiness. Well after all your best friend is getting married. You will be happy and congratulating her too, but when the thought that your best friend is finally going to move away and be someone else’s, you think the world has come crashing down on you. For those who have seen the movie ‘Bridesmaids‘ very well know what I’m talking about. For those who haven’t, here is a guide to ‘how to cope with your best friend’s wedding’.

Yes you will be ignored big time, yes your friend will have other things to do but this is the time when your best friend equation kicks in full time. Sulk for a few days about how she will be leaving you and all your crazy times behind but be ready to also fulfill your role as 'the best friend'. This is the time she needs you most, from running errands to getting her a drink secretly to calm her nerves, to choosing all the tiny details of the day that would probably change her life.

How to Deal with Your Best Friend's WeddingNow, I can go ranting on about how you should be her mental and moral support but hell, what fun would that be? Instead drink down your worries and help her loosen up a little too. Don’t be moping in one corner about how your best friend ditched you for a guy.

The Hollywood movies that we grew up watching taught us that all the duties for the wedding are by the Maid–of-Honour, translate and that equals to the best friend. But given Indian weddings, all the women of the family want to be so involved as if they have never witnessed a wedding or even attended one. Do not panic! Let the older generation do whatever they want to do. Your duties at your best friend’s wedding are to make sure that she isn’t hyper-ventilating or panicking in some corner of a room.

Ooo beware, the bride-to-be might want to hit you out of sheer frustration but don’t you worry it would be the effect of all the pressures a marriage brings to people. She and you both will move on.

And don’t forget to look hot, sexy and scintillating at all the crazy and exciting pre-wedding functions of sangeet or roka, because you never know, you might meet your prince charming at your best friend’s wedding. What a happy ending *sigh*.

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