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Rina Dhaka answers Styling Queries of MyShaadi brides

Indian Bridal wear queries So here's a little surprise for the beautiful myShaadi Brides!

Indian Bridal wear queriesDesigner Rina Dhaka answers your Bridal Wear queries with her trends and styling ideas of her upcoming bridal collection specially designed for the brides who are experimental and love to flaunt their style!

Indian Bridal wear queries I am getting married in 2 months, having a traditional Punjabi wedding, but I am hardly in touch with what's in trend and what's out. Could you please tell me what kind of bridal wear is in fashion? Styles, designs? -Prabhjyot, Ludhiana

A. Bridal wear in India is often mistaken for just bling and jazzy shiny clothing and people forget the functionality and comfort that a bride requires. The latest trend is to experiment in fabrics like georgette and chiffons and play with interesting brocades. The true color for a Punjabi bride is the princess pink and lovely gota work on pink which is a perfect combination for a fair bride while a little dusky can go for henna green and plums with oxidized gold thread work. The silhouette should always be flowy and have enough leg space for movement so avoid fishtail look. If you are experimental then go for sheer blouses with heavy worked lehenga. This balances the overall look.

Indian Bridal wear queries I am 5'4" tall, and I weigh about 57 kgs, so I am kind of plump. What kind of Lehenga would you suggest for my wedding that would make me look thin and which colors could I play with? - Ragini, New Delhi

A. A bride is always beautiful, can never be too thin or too plump on her most happiest day. But if you are concerned with your height and shape then please make sure that your overall look dominates one color. Do not break the color story of your blouse dupatta and lehenga because one color gives a slightly taller look. In your case you can go for lehengas that do not have much flare and gives a slightly non bulky look. Go for darker shades of plums and wines or cherries as dark colors make you look slim.

Indian Bridal wear queries I want to wear an anarkali suit on my wedding day, but the problem is that I am really short, like 5'2". Please give me some cool ideas so that I can carry it off without looking weird! - Snigdha, Kolkata

A. Hi Snigdha! I like the fact that your aware of the fact that fashion follows function and your choosing the most functional outfit for your wedding. The anarkali is quite a lot in fashion and I would suggest you to wear one that ends slightly around the calf as floor length or ankle length ones tend to make short female look more short. A slight visibility of your footwear with good heels will give a tall look. Please choose color combinations that are not too much in contrast. Get your hairstyle in a slightly raised bouffant style and this will add height to your over all look.

Indian Bridal wear queries My daughter is getting married in 1 month and in the whole fiasco of her shopping etc, I have barely paid attention to what I am going to wear. I am 57 years old so I don't really want to over do it. What kind of an outfit would you suggest and what kind of colors? - Parul Mehta, Mumbai

A. Hi Parul, I can imagine the rush but I am glad your also concerned for your style. The graceful age you are in allows a female to show the charms in minimal look. A perfect kanjeevaram preferably in rose gold pink and oxidized gold combination will look lovely but if your taste are for bright and dark colors then dark plums and deep wine shades will also look lovely. The fact that running around is so much, this look helps you look graceful and not over done. Keep your jewelry minimal. Just a statement neckpiece over this look will work wonders.

Indian Bridal wear queries My sister and I are almost the same age, she is only 2 years elder to me. We tend to have many conflicts about clothes and looking better and stuff. Anyway, now she is getting married and she is wearing a gorgeous royal pink lehenga. I am still very confused about what I should wear because I don't want her to think that I am competing on her big day, which I am not! So should I go for a plainer lehenga or should I wear a saree or something? I am really confused! Please help. - Anonymous

A. Hi, the fact that you are considerate not to steal the limelight on her big day makes you a winner already! Avoid lehanga as the similar look doesn’t work for either of you, rather strike a sexy style with a sari, preferably stitched sari in combination of bright sap green and royal pink border. Keep your hair blow dried and bouncy opne and kohled eye look. If saree is not your style then go for heavy flared anarkali suits. In this way you create your own space yet shine out.

Rina Dhaka Bridal Wear Collection August 2012

  • i am getng married next month.what color of lehenga n which material will suite me?i am skinny and fair in hight is 5.1

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