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Mom-In-Laws: 6 Easy steps to impress them

Not all mother-in-laws are that bad as we all have heard about them. Most can turn out to be your best friend when you are away from your own sweet home. In fact, it is very easy to make your mom-in-law happy and your best buddy in few simple steps. And we can help you with those few simple steps.

how to be happy with your mother in law It is very important to show respect to your mom-in-law so your love with your spouse does not get affected. After all, she has raised your spouse too so some credit should go to her too. So in order to start a healthy relationship with your mother-in-law, RESPECT HER... You may not agree with her always but give what she deserves.

how to be happy with your mother in lawhow to be happy with your mother in law BEING HELPFUL in the kitchen, household chores and whenever she needs you would not be too painful. So, shower your generous attitude when there is call for help drill. This is a very simple step that you must take, even if there is a crisis.

how to be happy with your mother in law TREAT HER WELL - Remember that it can be difficult for a mother to share her son with a total stranger. And if she was a single mother then it becomes worse. So try and give your time to her. Take her out for lunch and dinner dates to make her feel special and ensure that you love her as much as her son. Be caring at times. Take her to a salon to give her a makeover. Or once in a while do your shopping together. Spending time with her is the key.

how to be happy with your mother in law In the real world, avoiding a fight becomes difficult. But resist a fight if possible. And in case if you have an exchange of rude words, try to solve that matter with communication. It’s better to COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR MOTHER-IN-LAW than to leave things in a soup.

how to be happy with your mother in law Facing a problem? Don’t call your mother. Seek advice from your mom-in-law. She is also experienced. Whether you take it or not, it’s on you. But ask for her ADVICE.

how to be happy with your mother in law And last but not the least, DO NOT COMPETE WITH HER. If your husband likes what his mother cooks better than yours, accept it. Give her compliments. Ask for her recipe instead of being jealous.

As much as you love your husband, your mother-in-law loves her son too. There may be times when she feels threatened by your presence or feels insecure. To avoid all such negative feelings let her spend some time alone her son. Give them their space. Trust me this will definitely warm her heart

What is most important is extending that helping hand to her like you would do to any other family member. Just make her realise that you too are there for her like her son. Just few simple steps and little time make your relationship healthy with your mother-in-law and stop her turning into a monster-in-law.

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