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Hair Problems before the wedding ? Ask the Expert!

Rod Anker Hair care problem expert

Hair Expert, ROD ANKER answers hair-related queries from the myShaadi brides. Rod Anker is a well know hair stylist from Australia. His work is admired throughout Asia. He is also a regular columnist in various magazines.

Rod Anker Hair care problems I am getting married in October and I am having crazy hairfall. It feels like I am going bald. I have an oily scalp and medium length hair. Please help me! - Ramya, New Delhi

Rod Anker Hair care problem expert A. Hair fall is directly linked to both hormones, stress and PH level of your scalp. You have an oily scalp and are clearly stressed. My recommendation is shampoo more frequently with appropriate shampoo for your hair type and relax. Hair fall is seasonal and will pass. Hair loss is not going to be rectified with oil or massage, it is hormonal and should be treated as suggested.

Rod Anker Hair care problems I have really short hair, like till my chin. I plan to wear a lehenga on my wedding, please suggest hairstyles. - Niharika, Pune.

A. Changing your hair to suit your outfit is like changing your car to drive to different location. Wear your hair with confidence and you will surely look and feel amazing! Walk proud I am sure you will be a show stopper! Congratulations!

Rod Anker Hair care problems My scalp is very dry and itchy. As a result, I have a recurring dandruff problem. Are there any particular home remedies or spa treatments that give quick results? - Saloni, Mumbai

A. Quick results don't work, home remedies are short term. I suggest shampoo more regular using an appropriate shampoo. Paul Mitchel Tea tree shampoo is an antibacterial and anti fungal and will reduce the itchy sensation. Do not apply oil as it will have a reverse effect on your scalp and increase irritation long term. In monsoon season there is a lot of moisture in the air and can increase fungus and bacteria

Rod Anker Hair care problems I am getting married in 15 days and I have got a disastrous hair cut. How do I fix this? Will I look stupid if I use Hair Extension? How can I go about it? - Sarika, Chhattisgarh

A. Plan A - Come see me :) Plan B - it is 15 days away I would suggest going to the best stylist in the city and seeking advise, hair extensions if done right look great.

Rod Anker Hair care problems I want to color my hair, but I am not too sure about the after effects of it. I have been told it can cause hairfall and deteriorate the quality of my hair. Is that true? Do you suggest any particular brand or type? - Hansa, Ahmedabad

A. Colouring hair has NO LINK to hair fall! If done by a professional there is not harm to the hair or scalp. If poor skills are applied then poor results will occur. Seek the best advice and do some homework on the internet globally then move forward with an educated opinion. We use Alfa Parf which is an Italian brand that has been developed on being a mild, non irritant for the consumer and we love it!

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