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Cool Ideas for Bachelorette Night!

bachelorette party wedding ideasIf you have decided to throw a bacherlorette party for your favourite single lady who is putting a ring on it, then forget about bridal showers or girl's night out and get ready for a true Bachelorette's Night.

Taking a cue from their male counterparts, girls too wanna have fun and are willing to take the plunge. Girls are going for customized party themes in an all-out fun way. But not sure where to start?

Check out some great bachelorette party themes to have a fantastic pre-wedding bash!!

bachelorette party wedding ideas Retro Theme Party

Flashy clothes, retro music to tap your feet on and some fun with exuberant accessories of 80's style- a signature retro theme. Throw a classic 80's theme party for your single friend and immerse yourself in fun. Not to forget the 80's flashdance and frizzy haired wigs .. or go for 70's Disco Party! Oversized glasses or colourful dresses.

bachelorette party wedding Romantic Theme

If romance is your favourite thing then gang of girls dress up as cupid, heart shaped dresses or Victoria Secrets Angels! Wear sexy outfits and set the floor on fire by shaking your booty to 'Bootylicious' hey you babes!!

bachelorette party wedding School Girls Theme

Care for some good laughs and naughtiness. So dress up in some cute and cool school girl outfit with pigtails. Dance like mad on High School Musical or dress up like Britney Spears and dance your heart out on her songs.

bachelorette party wedding Prepare for the final day

How about a mock wedding night? Only that it will be slightly different from the real one. One of the girls, dress up like the groom and get naughty with the bride-to-be. All other girls can dress up as bridesmaids and distribute prizes to the best dressed bridesmaid. And of all, don't forget to click loads of pictures.

bachelorette party wedding The Ultimate Exotic Dance Party

It's the last night when your single friend is going to enjoy her single hood. So you can't miss the quintessential dance, boys, flirting and more dance to have fun. So go for a pool party and simply organize a house dance party. You can also hire an erotic dancer who will make the party night rocking! To make things even better, do include leather whips to make the dancing more fun for all you girls.


  • Nothing beats the fun of audio. Simply plug in a karaoke machine and sing the night away. It does not matter whether you are a great singer or just making a fool of yourself, the mantra is just to enjoy the night doing something crazy.
  • bachelorette party wedding ideasTime to get MESSY! Well, we are not suggesting throw-food-at-each-other game but something on the similar lines. Just before the night she gets married let your single friend binge on some food. Have a Cheese Eating Competition and let the single hood melt away with dollops of cheese. Or mix cheese and chocolate and then you know what to do.
  • Treasure Hunt or more suitably Scavenger Hunt. Let the child come out of you while you indulge in some hunting game. Make a list of items to be found with some clues and be as daring and as creative in the game.
  • Since it's a bachelorette, how can men be not there? Call up your guy friends and ask them to be your dummies. Play 'who needs more work', 'who is perfect', 'who is the most handsome' and 'who can be best in pool'. Let they too have some beads of sweat.
  • Play drink and dare where each one of the friends make the bride-to-be have a shot of drink and dare her to do something absurd. Be it with male friends, to-be in laws, to-be husband or simply neighbors, you can decide.

So cut loose, have a blast and if you wanna remember your night before you say 'I do', go for customized bachelorette party.

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