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Top 10 Latest Wedding Trends

Well today, Weddings have become more utility - driven than being superfluous. Slowly and gradually people have become more aware of ensuring that weddings are less chaotic and more pleasure driven for each of their guests than just being loud and ostentatious. Mentioned below are 10 new trends that have emerged in the way weddings are conducted -

latest wedding trends and inspirations Color Schemes v/s Themes

latest wedding trends and ideas Back are the days of bold and solid colors. Whether its yellow or peach or red, people now prefer Color Schemes over Themes like Rajwada Themes, Mughal Themes and the likes. This is more so driven from the fact that people don't want very many colors at a particular venue of a wedding and prefer to differentiate functions / venues with colors than with themes. Guests today would prefer doing an all Marigold color scheme for a Mehandi night or an all-peach (roses) decor with eloquence for a Cocktail as compared to a Maharaja Theme which is too over-powering and in your face. A striking blue with a bright yellow or a fuchsia pink with deep red are in vogue as color schemes for Cocktail and Mehandi nights. A color scheme for a wedding function can cost anywhere upwards 4 lacs. Just the way color blocks have become fashionable in clothes so has it in wedding decors.

latest wedding trends and inspirations Simple, Minimalistic yet Elegant

latest wedding trends and ideas Wedding Decors have moved away from loud and garish settings to something more simple yet powerful. More so for an indoor wedding function - people have started to invest in relevant decors like the Stage, Entrance, Table-tops and Mandap than doing up the entire venue. A venue like The Leela Palace, Chanakyapuri - it would be a waste to invest money in doing up the already adorned Banquet Room known as the Grand Ballroom. With 2 Huge Chandeliers it's simply a waste to cover the ceiling mindlessly with drapes. For Vijender Singh's first wedding anniversary, we lined the entire pre-function with credenzas with candles and peach floral decor and adorned each table tops with candle-abras with floral balls at the base. Simple - Chic - yet powerful - needless to say - relevant as well.

latest wedding trends and inspirations Indoor over Outdoors

Now-a-days people prefer indoor functions than outdoors due to the uncertainty of weather. With drastic weather conditions, people find it risky to take chances. Outdoor functions also tend to be more expensive as compared to indoors. Indoor functions enable the customer to invest more in a luxurious and detailed decor than spend the money in first erecting a tent and then add decor to it which mostly doubles the cost.

latest wedding trends and inspirations Comfort over Decor

Just a couple of years ago, people thought decor was the end of Wedding Extravaganza. Not anymore - now people give more importance to good food, Comfort in the form of nice stay , travel facilities for their guests, and think superfluous decor more as wasteful expenditure. I have had guests spend 50% of their budget on the Decor and the balance 50% on Hotel Stays - Travel & Conveyance Facilities and Food.

latest wedding trends and inspirations Joint Functions

These days, the Boy's and the Girls's side prefer keeping joint functions than keeping separate functions for Mehandi, Cocktail and Bachelors'. This is primarily, one to keep the budgets controlled; two, due to the overlap of guests from both the sides of the family and three, keeping the paucity of time in mind. Not only do joint functions are logical but also help pump in more money at creating a grandeur event vis-a-vis 2 average functions with similar guests.

latest wedding trends and inspirations Experimentation is the Key

latest wedding trends and ideas Gone are the days of loud and ostentatious decor. The idea today is to add a touch of experimentation in wedding decors. I had this client who did not want to experiment with any theme but yet wanted something that adds a personal touch to her wedding. I picked up the floral motif from her lehanga and used it as a backdrop to her Stage - Mandap and different touch-points. It so turned out that the decor looked beautiful and classy without being too over-powering.

latest wedding trends and inspirations Budget Weddings

Budgets have again taken prominence over lavish spends. People want to retain a certain touch of elegance but don't want to indulge in wasteful expenditure. More so a case with weddings conducted in 5 Star Hotels, people do not want to go over-board with spending money over lavish decor. Having mostly spent on food and the venue, wedding clients now want to keep the decor simple - minimalistic yet do not want to splurge ensuring that everything looks in-sync and not over the top with controlled budgets.

latest wedding trends and inspirations Detailing is in vogue

Wedding decors are now more about quality over quantity. I remember a time when people thought the more the colors the grandeur it becomes - not anymore. People have come to realize that the key lies in detailing. I had this very sweet client (Mrs.Anand) - a lady in her early 50's who wanted make the shagun thaals look very classy yet religious at the same time. She got her designer to make potlis (bags) in off white with thick golden gota lining - she then added random strokes of liquid kesar on the potlis like a splash of paint to make it look colorful yet traditional. What a brilliant idea!

latest wedding trends and inspirations Follow Seasons

latest wedding trends and ideas Gone are the days of creating cold hills of Kashmir in the sultry heat of Delhi. Looks like people think it's stupid to create contrasting decors to the existing environment. I had this one client whose engagement was on Baisakhi and wanted something very colorful in keeping with the freshness of baisakhi. For table-tops we created central arrangements with a mix of flowers and fruits (grapes, oranges, pears, apples) with a placard stating "The Fruits are edible - please feel free to pluck". The idea was an instant hit and so unconventional and elegant in keeping with seasonal trend.

latest wedding trends and inspirations Back to being Traditional

latest wedding trends and ideas Days of the Victorian themes and the Greek themes are passe. Brides now want their wedding decors to be traditional yet elegant. I had this one client - a beautiful girl who said she wanted to do a budget wedding following an all-traditional theme. She wore the veil (ghoongat) with the nath (large nose ring) as she walked down the aisle. Her stage backdrop was done up with diyas and the entire venue was decked with crystal and kalira droppings from the ceilings. Simple yet completely traditional - just so perfect!

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