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You Know You've Chosen 'Mr. Right' When

Love comes. Love goes. You know it's real when you can't fathom a comfortable, understanding, compatible future without him.

when you meet mr rightFor some people smart, sexy, handsome, funny, tall, witty, rich does it. But these are just the 'type' which you would want to fall in love with. He is not The One.

There are a lot of Mr.Rights for people out there, but you know you've found your one when there is chemistry in whatever you do. No, it is not the kind where you're always doing things to impress each other. It is that one where both of you are comfortable in your own skin, no need to impress, no need to put on a facade of the beautiful.

When you're in love, the world seems like a beautiful place, no sorrows, no pain. But the actual relationship test comes after the 'honeymoon' period, no not the post wedding honeymoon. It's that time when things and annoying habits start to unravel themselves. You might have found it cute in the beginning but after a point it just gets on your nerves. You will surely suffer through this even with your Mr.Right but overcoming all these issues will lead you to victory.

Have you seen Bride Wars starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway? If you haven't then please do. It's the journey of two best friends and fiances till their wedding date. Unfortunately Anne Hathaway and her fiance break up by the end of it because he can't digest the idea of his fiance being different from when he first met her. Although, Kate Hudson who is a screaming, conniving little beep, she and her partner both go ahead with their marriage. That's the thing about Mr. Right, he will never be scared about the ever changing personalities that you have. He will never question you about that time of the month or judge you for your completely inappropriate actions. But instead he will take you for whoever you are, only a few questions asked (well he wants to establish you aren't medically deranged!). And even if you are and he still loves you, you my friend, should hold on to him like glue.

Mr.Right is not about compromise but about being perfectly happy with him. He might be short, might have crooked teeth, be balding, but hey you are with him for a reason, he makes you extremely happy. Its not like Marshall and Lily (from the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother) are oh-so-hot. Both of them have annoying habits, want to kill each other at times, but in the end they always make up. They are total opposites of each other. One is violent midget the other a giant who can't so much as hurt a mosquito and even then they perfectly understand each other's needs and problems.

Anyway coming back to the real world, when you know you've found Mr. Right the stars will literally shine down upon you but also, you will know that every flaw that you might have will be covered by him. He will complete you, no idea about the better-half but equal-half, yes. Compromise will never be on your mind when you know you've found your Mr. Right.

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