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Getting married ? Create your wedding website !

wedding websites

Facebook, Twitter, BBM, name it and we all will have our status updates on almost each one of them. Whether we're happy, or sad or we find 'updating a status' silly, we don't mind making almost all our feelings public, except those of course which are the strongest. For when it comes to the strong ones, we like to feel them and share them with only those who would understand. So what happens when you decide to get married? Do you simply want to broadcast it on a social networking site and answer a million questions about who the 'lucky one' is? What does he/she do? How did it happen etc the entire world? Or would you rather make it exclusive and announce it, along with pictures, details of your partner, your love story, your memorable moments and all the good things, among those who make your world ? If you agree with the latter then how exactly do you plan to go about it? You don't want to call each and every one of them up or maybe meet each of them individually for coffee or more and tell them all about it .. Sounds too hectic! Doesn't it? But with the existence of Wedding Websites you need not worry. Simply create your own wedding website or 'wedsite', share the link with your family and friends to give them the special news and 'let the celebrations begin!'

online wedding invitations Add to the 'Style' of your Wedding!

wedding websitesWedding websites are being popularly used by couples as the smartest way to share their big news. A wedding website works like an interactive online invitation card where your guests can read your story like a fairytale with images to describe it better. Their travel to your wedding venue can be made easier with features like integration with 'google maps'. Your wedsite lets you add music, videos, upload pictures and blog constantly. So whether it is a skin tip from your aunt in Pune, or details of the designer your best friend's sister got her lehenga made from or even a dilemma regarding your honeymoon destination, you can discuss it all on your personal website. This way your 'BIG DAY' becomes a series of 'BIG DAYS'..and even those who are sitting oceans away can participate in the wedding preparations.

online wedding invitations Send Invitations the 'e' way!

Besides all these cool things, you can even create and send e-invitations to all your guests. Not only is this more economical, it is also environmental friendly. These invitations help you get faster RSVP's from your guests and any other queries that they may have as responding through internet is always faster and convenient. You can select your invitation from a vast number of traditional, religious and contemporary designs.

online wedding invitations Change in Plans? Inform your Guests!

Imagine an unforeseen situation due to which you may have to change the date of your wedding. What would you do? How would you let everybody know? Well if you have been smart enough to create a wedding website then this should not be a big problem for you. You can simply update it on your wedsite and let all your guests know about any change that you may have had to make.

online wedding invitations Create..Customize..Connect!

You can customize your wedding website by choosing from a variety of layouts and colors and make an attractive welcome page for your guests.

All of this takes barely any time and a lot of your work for the wedding can be taken care of through various features that are packaged in your wedsite . Your exclusive wedding website can be created very easily, in less than a minute and you do not require any technical skill to maintain it.

This wedsite could be the first step of getting to know each other better as you could create and update it together as a couple.

online wedding invitations Perfect gift for the couple!

wedding websitesYou need not think too much about the perfect gift for your close ones for their special union, you can simply 'gift a wedding site'. With all the awesome features listed above, the wedding website qualifies itself to become the 'ideal' gift for a couple before getting married. A gift that will not only help in planning their 'Big Day' but also create some wonderful memories for them to cherish forever. The wedding website is renewable and therefore, it keeps the special 'wedding' feeling alive in their relationship forever! Just Perfect..isn't it?

So go ahead and set the trend.

  • I am surely creating one for my wedding!

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