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10 things you should NOT say to 'Her'

what not to say to your girlfriend With wedding bells close enough for you to hear them, you must be ecstatic to have found someone special that you want to annoy for the rest of your life. Added, you may (or may not) be a bunch of nerves as you stand on the threshold of the pressures of holy matrimony. However, there are some forbidden things that you should't say to your fiance. As an individual with enough intelligence to have managed a fiance in the first place :), we at are certain that you know the following anyway. But no harm reinstating now, is there?

#1 "My ex always/used to/never..."

Yeah... she doesn't care! The last thing you want your fiance to do right before the wedding, is rethink her decision of spending her life with you. You don't need to be a genius to figure out the consequences of your implying that you STILL think of your ex and see her as a certain point of comparison.

#2 "What's your Facebook password?"

Sure, it seems harmless enough. But what the posed question sneakily spells out is that you're an insecure man with trusting issues. Do you really want your fiance to look at you and think of Shah Rukh Khan from Darr going all 'ka-ka-Kirraannn'? We think not.

#3 "So you guys are JUST friends?"

No self respecting girl is going to take the pain to validate her loyalty towards you over and over. If she says she's 'just friends' with anything male, she means that she is 'just friends' with him. If you still can't believe her, then you need to change your attitude and start believing her.

#4 "I don't see what the problem is..."

That's just the worst set of words you could put together to form a sentence in front of an upset fiance. For all you know, you probably caused the 'problem' is some strange way to begin with. Pre-wedding is a stressful time. She doesn't care if you understand the problem or not, she just needs you to see it! Even if you don't, just pretend like you do.

#5 "I don't care"

Correction, the last statement is still something your fiance could probably deal with. But this one?THIS is the worst set of words you could put together to form a sentence in front of an upset fiance. She is about to marry you buddy, its high time you begin to care!

#6 "Your best friend still looks the same!!!"...

Automatically implying that your fiance in fact does not look the same. Also, you might think some friends of hers are hot, which is perfectly natural. Just trust us when we say that she doesn't want to know that. That's just a whole new territory you want to stay clear from.

#7 "Is it that time of the month, eh?"

It could be that time of the month again. As you might already know, that time of the month comes with its shares of ultimate sorrow. No, she doesn't expect you to understand. However, if you ask her about that time of the month or blame anything she does on PMS, she'd know that you'd never even try to understand. And that's just bad news for everyone.

#8 "Is THAT what you're wearing?"

It's not for purposes of fun alone that she takes as long as she does to get ready. She has put in serious effort in putting her outfit together as she fit everything from latest trends to personal style along with comfort in it. Do not, hence, question her judgement. If she has come out of her room looking even a slightly different than when she'd stepped in, it simply means 'yes! THAT'S what she's wearing!"

#9 "Yes. It sort of does make your butt look fat."

You really think that your fiance doesn't know that she has to lose weight every second of every day, however redundantly. Then there are the days of knowing one is not fat but feeling fat. Women all over the globe have serious body image issues. Added, they continue to fight their life long battle with weight. They are just never the right size; either a little too small or a little too big. In this weight v/s fiance war, if even for a second you say that her butt looks big and hence by default, you make the 'team weight' win; what can we tell you? Game over, buddy. Sigh.

#10 "Maybe... threesome? In future? Maybe?

We are all for your sexual fantasies and a healthy marital life. However, it might not be the worst idea to think over what fantasies you may or may not want to share with her. But going by popular discourse, its better to keep that thought where it came from.

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