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Your wedding planning guide - Part I

Getting married can be one of the most memorable and exciting moments in your life. As you plan this wonderful day, you both will continue to feel great joy, but may also experience a few butterflies and a little confusion. We understand your situation well and have come up with this Wedding Planning Guide to help you stay focused, and keep organized as you plan for your BIG day.

6 - 9 MONTHS

wedding planner content Get Started! wedding planner guide

Begin with going through bridal, lifestyle, fashion, design, and food magazines for inspiration and references. To get a better idea, you can check out our awesome wedding blog section as well as the bridal wear gallery.

wedding planner Setting the Datewedding planner guide

The first step is to set a date for the big day. Setting a right date is very important, start with discussing with your family first and then the in laws; list down the possible dates; talk to the priest about all the religious concerns you and your family have. Also keep in mind factors like weather, exams , vacations etc.

wedding planner Budgetwedding planner guide

Once you're done with setting the date it is time to draw up the wedding's budget. Start with prioritizing as to what you want to splurge on. You would obviously want every fancy thing for your wedding but you will have to work within your budget. Use the budgeting section of your wedding website to keep a tab on how and where you are spending, thus controlling your expenditure.

wedding planner guide Engagement timewedding planner guide

If both the families want to have an engagement party, this is the right time for it. Make it a small and casual ceremony with a family get together at your house or at a banquet hall. Start preparing for the engagement ceremony a month or two before. Book the venue, send invites to your families, decide on the engagement dress and of course buy the rings.

4 - 6 MONTHS

wedding planner guide Wedding Dress and Accessorieswedding planner guide

What could be more important for your wedding than your wedding dress? You could go for a dress made by a designer, or if you have a dress in mind, shop for the dress material and go pick a tailor. Even if the dress of your choice costs you the earth, remember to keep the accessories minimal. This will ensure you stay within your budget.

wedding planning guide Accommodationwedding planner guide

It is time to decide an accommodation for the guests. Check on the rooms personally. You do not want complaints from your guests. You could even ask your relatives if they have a vacant house that you could use. Arrange cabs for their conveyance.

wedding planner guide Invitationswedding planner guide

Decide on the design of your invitation card. Give the designer a rough idea with the important details. Before finalizing, ask for a sample and always read proofs. Try squeezing in a location map. It might come in handy for guests in finding the way to the venue. Use e-mails to send invites to out station guests or to save further trouble, send them e-invitations. This facility is available on the wedding website. Maps can also be linked to the e-invitations.

wedding planner guide Service Providerswedding planner guide

Besides the guestlist, there is another important list you cannot afford to miss out on, and that is the list of all service providers. This list should have the contacts of people right from the caterer to the florist to the photographers. Confectioners, decorators, trousseau packers, gift packers, lighting, hair and makeup artists, saree drapists, mehndi artists, DJs, priests and registrars are some of the other service providers. Use the wedding planner guide to manage different service providers. Decide on the themes and inform all the service providers so that they have enough time to make arrangements. Place orders and book service providers with written receipts and bills. Assign one family person for keeping a check on each service provider. This will ensure you don't waste time in unnecessary hassles.

wedding planner guide Guestlist Preparationwedding planner guide

Preparing a guestlist for your wedding is one of the most time consuming jobs as you plan. You would want to prepare a list well in advance as you don't want to miss out on important people. The number of guests would depend mostly on your budget. Get a tentative list from both families and then compile the two. Start with a list of phone numbers, addresses and email IDs. You can use the 'guestlist' facility of your wedding website for maintaining this list.

wedding planner guide Venuewedding planner guide

One thing that lasts even after the wedding is the reviews from your guests. Just how perfect the wedding venue was, how well it suited the weather, if the gathering was just the right size, or was it one big cluttered event...and the list goes on. All of this can be taken care of if you are prudent in your choice of the venue. First,pick the city. Find a venue as per your budget at least seven months in advance.

wedding planner guide Shoppingwedding planner guide

Shop for the trousseau; stuff like bed and table linen or kitchen gadgets. Avoid the last minute hustle. Don't forget to stay in vogue. You do not want your wedding decorations to look like they are straight out of granny's tales..

wedding planner guide Diet, Exercise - Stay Fit!wedding planner guide

In the entire hustle-bustle, staying fit is something you might forget. Set yourself a healthy regime. A healthy diet is very important if you want your partner to have his/ her eyes set on you throughout the wedding day. Get yourself a dietician if your pocket permits. Else, enroll yourself in a gym. Have balanced meals and, of course, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

  • Interesting! Looking forward to part 2! :)

  • This is a really cool idea! wedding planning guide, wow! Keep it up u guys! Love your blog.

  • Please give some diet tips also. As mentioned in the last point!

  • @Akhila- Coming soon! :) @Gitesh- Thankyou. Keep coming back! :) @Manika- You can find some really helpful diet tips on this blog. Please click on the link below to read our article on pre-bridal diet.

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