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Interesting dating ideas

So you have found that special one in your life and every time you go out with him/her, you want to make them feel extra special? Then guys and girls you have come to the right place. When I used to date, candle-lit dinners, strolls and holding hands were classic and sure shot dating ideas. But for people of 21st century, the dating ideas should be unique and interesting as well.

5 interesting ways to date

dating ideasinteresting dating ideas Adventure sports

Is adventure sports your thing? Does she too not mind trying something sporty? Then hop onto a hot air balloon or take sky diving lessons together. Join together in flying a kite or experience your first time together in a para-sailing. I think nothing can be better than enjoying each other's company in the sky.

dating tips and ideas Laughter is the best medicine

A man with a sense of humour is a favourite amongst woman. But if you lack that then take her some place to show that you at least appreciate it. Place your bets on comedy clubs, stand-up comedy nights or a comedy show and simply amaze your date.

dating couple Bonfire parties

A perfect setting for winter dating, there is nothing better than enjoying the company and bonfire together. Snuggle in front of a bonfire and enjoy the wine in your hand or her hand in your hand ;). And if you two are just starting to talk to each other then involve common friends and play the usual bonfire games, dancing around the fire or simply steal a glance from a corner.

dating ideas and tipshoneymoon must have Join a pottery class

If watching each other is not your thing, then make use of pottery instead. Make something new every time you dirty your hands and get to know your special someone. Find out things that are common between you two and make your next move accordingly.

dating ideas Shopping

We know that this is something women love to enjoy, and men hate.Men mostly end up doing this after marriage without choice and women can do it anytime of the day. But we bring to you the same very boring idea with a twist. Take your date on a shopping spree but with a to-do list. Restrict yourself to two shops per person. Ask for each other's opinion on what you are shopping and of course, as a token, gift each other something special at the end of this short and sweet shopping spree.

Some handy dating ideas

dating ideas and tipsGet romantic this season and try some new dating ideas to impress your first time date or your partner on the date night.

  • Go for an outdoor movie. This not just gives you an opportunity to gaze at the stars while holding hands but you will also get christened as someone who does something new.
  • If you have been eyeing that handsome guy or pretty girl while jogging in your jogger's park then seize the opportunity the very next day. Go together for walks or jogging sessions and get to know each other while you both share your common passion of staying fit.
  • Visit film or music festivals. Get to know each other's hobby and interests and pursue in those lines. So if you are bored of the run of the mills dating ideas then try some of the above said new ones.

Variety is the spice of life so make most of it and impress your date with aplomb.

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