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And the lion fell in love with the lamb

Marriages are made in heaven and opposites attract are two things you get to hear over and over again when two people with completely opposite choices willingly come to a decision of spending their lives together. Shobhit & Lovleen – amongst their list of opposites figured out that their love for food is never ending, and that broke the ice between them.

She was skeptical initially, he was not! She was submissive, he was not! She firmly believed that opposites won’t get attracted to each other this time while he believed that she’s the right kind of crazy girl for him, he was convincing and she was happy getting convinced in this case. Their love for food got them talking, what started as a coffee date led to multiple coffee dates and exploration of new food joints together and before anybody could figure out, he asked and she said yes! While they have been debating for a while on who is the lamb and who is the lion in their relationship but they have also figured out that as long as they are happy together it doesn’t matter

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