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All you want to know about Airbrush makeup by MUA Susan

Looking like a glamorous diva on her wedding day is every girl’s dream. While a lot of factors attribute to living this dream with elan , like the bridal wear, jewellery, healthy skin regime but the most important of all is the makeup look because that’s the only thing you don’t get to see on your face beforehand. Figuring out the right kind of makeup is a gruesome task, even though a patch test helps checking any skin sensitivity to the make up but the real game changer is your makeup artist . Your makeup artist should know what will suit you best in totality – be it the brand of make up or the kind of makeup that will suit your face and skin type. While that is said and done , Myshaadi’s team is always on the lookout to find the latest trends and information for its readers direct from the industry experts.

One such trend in makeup these days is Airbrush makeup. Every type of makeup comes with its pros and cons and while every artist will have their opinions , one can always go for a trial of both – regular makeup and airbrush makeup to decide for oneself. Airbrush makeup is extremely popular in the line of modeling and acting, and has gained popularity with the brides for the flawless end result it gives. This technique involves make up in the form of misty spray that comes out of the airbrush machine, however it’s the skill of the makeup artist to mix foundation perfectly to go in the machine for the blend to match the skin tone. There is no doubt that airbrush makeup, when done correctly, creates a smooth, flawless look which may be difficult to achieve with regular makeup but there are some things one should be aware of before receiving an airbrush application.

Some Pros and Cons of the airbrushing :


Water resistant: Most airbrushed makeups are silicone based which means they are water resistant and hence last longer than usual.

Looks natural: Since this uses a fine mist over the skin , it ends up enhancing the tone of the skin and gives a natural look and not a caked one.

Flawless finish: Since this technique uses an airbrushing gun, this allows the artist to apply the makeup evenly, creating a smooth finish.


Expensive: Yes, this makeup can be expensive but if that’s not a deciding factor on your list then you can choose to ignore it.

Difficult to re blend: If you accidentally rub off a patch of makeup then getting the same flawless finish becomes really hard to achieve even with the regular makeup touch up.

Can get flaky: Airbrush makeup works really well on hydrated, natural skin types but if one’s skin is on the drier side then there are chances that the makeup might get flaky.

Dearth of skill : It’s a relatively new technique, and since it’s expensive not many artists end up using it , so one can’t be sure with the apt skill set of the artist to get the desired results.

So in order to choose your makeup artist wisely , go for a trial and figure out what works best for you!

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