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For the Perfect Groom- Pre Marital Tips for the Groom

The first thought that comes across anybody's mind when the word wedding is mentioned is basically an image of a beautiful bride decked up like royalty. Well, that's just half the couple because don't forget, the groom essentially completes the pair.

For the Perfect Groom- Pre Marital Tips for the Groom

The spotlight doesn't just fall on the bride, but also on the perfect prince who stole her heart away. Therefore, all you grooms need to project the prince charming in you by giving yourself more attention with these pre-marital grooming tips. This is because, just like for the bride, wedding day is one of the most important days in a men's life and looking your absolute best is critical. Since grooming and giving yourself so much time may be new to you, professional stylists such as Bodycraft Salon and Spa can cater to your personal needs and make sure that you look your best on your special day.

To start you off on a routine with personal grooming, here are a few quick suggestions that will prepare you for your day:

Style Your Hair

For most men, their most prized possessions are their hair. Pampering and styling your hair will not only bring about confidence within you, but it will also add that extra edge to your wedding look.

For the Perfect Groom- Pre Marital Tips for the Groom

It wouldn't be a good idea to experiment with your hair just before or on your big day as you wouldn't want to look back on your wedding pictures and wonder if that was even you! So, plan ahead of the wedding and consult a professional stylist to get the desired hair cut or style. You can take along some sample pictures to show your stylist to check whether that particular style looks good on you.

For the Perfect Groom- Pre Marital Tips for the Groom

You can also get some hair colour or highlights done as this will not only hide the grey hair if you have some, but also add the required volume giving you a graceful and suave look. To help you look your absolute best on your wedding day, you can also opt for deep conditioning hair spa treatments to nourish the roots, strengthen the hair follicles and revitalize the scalp. A couple of settings prior to the wedding can help you to cure any scalp conditions, dandruff etc.

Manicure and Pedicure

Who says manicures and pedicures are only for the ladies? Well groomed hands and feet are a mirror to your personality. Manicures and pedicures will help to get dry skin off your hands and feet and make your nails look cleaner. Consider the fact that you will be shaking the hands of thousands of guests who will come over to congratulate you on stage, clean and firm handshakes leave the best impressions especially on your bride. There are different manicures and pedicure options to select from that will not only take care of dry skin but also will remove any tan giving you that much-desired neat and well-groomed look.

For the Perfect Groom- Pre Marital Tips for the Groom

Beard or No Beard

If a beard is part of your normal look, you can keep it for the wedding. However, ensure that it's trimmed and shaped professionally to get a suave and classy look. However, avoid shaving for a few days before the big day and get a professional shave a few days before. This will help to reduce any risk of a red or blotchy face due to a razor burn. The creative possibilities for facial hair are practically endless. From barely-there trimmed facial hair to chinstrap or goatee, full beard and side locks, there's a veritable feast of facial hair styles out there to help you look your best on your wedding day.

For the Perfect Groom- Pre Marital Tips for the Groom

Bright Up That Face

Skin care is essential to give your face that much required shine and glow for your wedding. So, make sure you get a nice facial treatment done to achieve this effect. In case you are confused with the large number of options available, just seek the help of the professionals at the salon. A combination of clean-ups and facial settings done a couple of times prior to the wedding can help to remove any tan and also moisturize your skin. However, ensure that the last setting should be done approximately 2 days before the wedding day.

For the Perfect Groom- Pre Marital Tips for the Groom

A good facial treatment can create a great difference in your wedding look. So, don't think twice because, after all, this day comes just once in a lifetime!

Natural Make-up

Don't worry! Unlike the bride you don't need to don considerable amounts of make up on your face! The key to the perfect wedding make-up for the groom is the fact that it should look natural and not overdone. This can be achieved with the help of professional stylists like Bodycraft Salon and Spa, where the whole session is tailored according to your needs.

To cover any blemishes, uneven skin tone or pimples, you can use some concealer for men in a shade that matches your skin tone. Also, oil-blotting sheets can be used during your wedding, which works wonders in reducing shine. Subtle make up tends to brighten up the face and enhance your features. Your wedding photos will be a witness to this!

Get that complete look which will make you and your bride special throughout the whole wedding. Inner self confidence is the most integral tool to keep you happy and smiling on your big day and that inner confidence is achieved when you groom yourself the right way. Remember, there's nothing like a well-groomed husband-to-be to complement the perfectly styled bride on his side!

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