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The Wedding Invitation Guide

puneet gupta wedding invitation

Ready to make your first wedding impression? This quick guide to wedding invitations is definitely going to help you choose the perfect invitation card for your wedding.

Latest trends in printed wedding invitations

  • The latest trend in the market is Vintage Regalia,Invites inspired by the British Raj, the grand life of the Royal families, Indian Architecture and Nizam jewels.
  • Antiquated finishes which makes the invites look royal and elegant.
  • The color palette will be a beautiful mix of ivory, camel, distressed golds, chocolate and natural wood with real gem colors.
  • Filigree work and Monumental jalis.

Theme based Wedding Invitations

puneet gupta invitationThematic wedding invites are designed taking into consideration many aspects of the wedding that includes - the decor theme of the individual functions, the venue/city. In case of destination weddings in Bangkok, Dubai or Mauritius, Classic themes like Buddha Bar, oriental, French or Arabic could be used.Today themes form an integral part of a well planned wedding and thus the first preview of the wedding, that is, the invitations become a trailer for the chosen theme. Therefore, it is very important for an Wedding Invitations designer to visually illustrate a theme in his work of art. The invites should hint the theme of the wedding beautifully!

For example, 'A Tropical Wine case'; we had once created a beautiful invite for a beach wedding in natural wood pealed case with intricate wood etching of the invite and a custom labeled wine bottle inside. The graphics were inspired by the tropical flowers and sea animals.

Another concept that we had done was based on the theme of 'Indian art' with the invite box styled in the form of a coffee table book in real canvas

Today, there is no limit to creativity!

We are always in the process of churning out new ideas and invitation concepts for our discerning brides and grooms from around the world. The popular themes conceptualized in the past are Jewels of Nizam, French Garden, baroque, Greece, Masquerade, Paisley etc

Contemporary Indian Wedding Invitations

The contemporary Indian wedding invitations could be a lovely Indo-fusion look in cream & gold with a hint of colors. The themes can vary from Modern art to Marigold to just color blocking.

puneet gupta invitationBest Time To Place Your Order

The general turn around time for a good custom-made invitation suite ranges anything between 4 weeks to 8 weeks before you plan to start sending out your wedding invitations.

The Cost

Invitation cards start from as low as Rs.50 per invite and then there is no limit. Today people spend a lot of money in making first impression of their wedding unique.

Expert Invitation Tip

'Choose the right theme for your wedding invitation to make sure that it stands out and sets a trend for others.'

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