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Bridal Nail Art and Extensions

Bridal beauty preparations are all about taking care of the details to ensure that you look and feel the best when the 'big day' arrives. Every girl, on her wedding day, wants to be picture perfect and the centre of all attention. Be it her hair, makeup or accessories, a bride spends months in advance planning to get that perfect wedding look. However, a key beauty area often left till the last minutes are your nails.

Bridal Nail Art and ExtensionsWell-shaped and manicured nails can add oodles to your bridal look. So, make sure that your nails are looking their finest by treating them with a splash of colour or some fun art work. Those with short nails need not lose heart as you can also flaunt eye-catching nails on your wedding day with the help of stunning nail extensions.

From gel nails to nail cover, glass tip, French polish, miracle shine and nail art, our range of personal grooming services at Bodycraft Spa and Salon nail bar section is a must visit for every bride-to-be. You can also avail our exclusive nail care services systematically over a period of a few weeks so that you are all set for the day you say 'I do'. From sparkles to fun shades and graphic prints, check out the different ways how you can glam up your nails for your big day:

Nail Extensions: The last thing that you would want people to notice on your wedding day is your chipped nails. Instead of trying to hide them with your clutch, why not opt for acrylic or gel nail extensions for extra length and strength?

Bridal Nail Art and Extensions

Of late, nail extensions are increasingly gaining popularity with new and improved mixes coming onto the market constantly that can be fully sculptured to your desired length.

a) Gel nail extensions, particularly, are all the rage now as they have a natural look and add a super glossy finish to the nails. They are done by applying gel coatings over natural nails and then dried under UV light.

b) Acrylic nail extensions, on the other hand, are harder and are done by combining a monomer liquid with a polymer powder. Once dried, the extensions can be shaped as per your requirements. After the extensions are applied, you can make a style statement with any desired nail art. If you are looking for a French manicured look, you can also opt for Acrylic extensions with white tips.

c) Nail Refilling is a process which is done at the nail bed and can last for around 3 to 4 weeks. Just like gel nails, this process requires the use of UV light.

d) Nail covering is more like a treatment procedure which is recommended for those with weak or brittle nails. After around 2 or 3 settings, the process helps the natural nails to grow stronger.

Bridal Nail Art: Increase your glamour quotient by adding colourful nail art designs to your extensions. There are numerous styles and patterns to select from that will add some glitz to your overall bridal look.

Sparkly nails using a shimmery polish or a single sparkly shade is a popular choice among brides to be. If you want to add some more fun to the designs, you can use glitter, rhinestones and other such kinds of nail embellishments to the designs.

Bridal Nail Art and Extensions

French Manicure: For those looking for a subtle yet classy look, you can try French manicure with mini pearl or diamond accents. To add to the effect, you can also consider a nude, soft pink or peach undercoat base colour for the process and add in touches of white such as lace patterns or pretty polka dots for a delicate bridal look.Bridal Nail Art and Extensions

Gel Polish: Gel manicures, when done by experienced, and trained professionals like Bodycraft Spa and Salon, can stay fresh on your nails for a long time with no cracking, peeling or chipping. As these polishes are more permanent in nature, they are best suited for brides to be as they don't have to rush for last minute touch-ups.

Bridal Nail Art and ExtensionsGel polish manicures involve a series of gel-based coats of your choice colour that are applied to the nail and cured under a UV lamp after each application. The curing ensures that the gel adheres correctly to your nails and dries completely.

Important Bridal Nail Beauty Tips

Prior to any bridal nail art design, it is vital that you take proper care of your nails.

Visit our nail specialist or manicurist ahead of time to ensure that your nails look healthy and beautiful on your wedding day.

Plan ahead and decide what pattern and shade of bridal nail art you want for your wedding nails.

Opt for gel nails for a glossy finish. However, if your nails are too thin or soft, you can go for acrylic nail extensions.

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