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Pauri was love at first sight for Shrikesh

From the Photographer

Shrikesh first set her eyes on Pauri at a pre­wedding dance function of his cousin in December 2009. This certainly had to be love at first sight because Shrikesh couldn't take his eyes of her all evening. Though a lil shy, he was able to initiate a conversation with her with the help of his cousin who introduced them to each other. This just helped break the ice and from then onwards both of them were inseparable for the rest of the evening.

They shared conversations on all sorts of things and soon found out that they had a lot in common but also a lot not so common. The chit chats and all the fun continued throughout the wedding days and in the days to follow as they continued to meet over coffee and dinner dates. In the process they got to know more about each other. Surely they were both convinced that they were in love and it was just a matter of time before one chose to let the other know about it.

In about 2 weeks after they first met, Shrikesh proposed and Pauri who had already decided that she would yes if asked, said yes without thinking too much about it and here began...

However soon after, Shrikesh had to leave to return to Australia for his studies and this is where much reality came to a hault. Not being able to see each other for an extended period of time was always going to be difficult but thanx to the modern technology, communication between the two remained a regular aspect of their daily routine sharing every li’l thing that they both did each day. There were good times, bad times and some really ugly times too between the two but this is where they learnt even more about each other and embraced each other's positives and negatives.

For the next 3 years this continued, although they did see each other every few months as Shrikesh travelled to India a few times. During this time, they did everything a normal couple in love does. Dinner dates, movie dates and spending time together at each others favourite spots around Ahmedabad City. Those days spent together were just an indication of how happy the 2 were with each other and totally convinced that they were ready for marriage. They say a love story cannot be called a great one w/o facing criticism and opposition. Shrikesh and Pauri had to face the same too initially from their families but as time passed by opposition turned into acceptance.

On 28th November 2013 :They are UNITED ..

No more distance and a perfect story for “DREAMGRAPHER TEAM” ..

Many congratulations to Shrikesh~Pauri & Families.

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