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De-stress before your wedding with Yoga

Of all the things you plan to do for your wedding one thing that comes without you asking for it is stress, sometimes evident sometimes not. There's so much to deal with ,the onslaught of emotions, excitement, cold feet, chaos , shopping spree and the endless to do list !

While almost every would be bride's to do list includes fitness or weight loss but what usually ends up taking a back seat is fitness and well-being from within and this is where Yoga comes into picture.

We happened to speak to one of the experts, a renowned Yoga Master GautamSinha on what are the benefits of Yoga for the would be bride.

Benefits of Yoga for the would be bride

Mind and body Relaxation : Having a healthy, relaxed mind is an essential part to being a happy healthy bride. Yoga comes with a blend of postures, stretching inversions and meditation which is soothing to both the mind and body.

Reducing weight : Well this comes on top of the list of every would be bride , but loosing weight the healthy way is a deal that comes with yoga!

Glowing Skin :Glowing skin is every bride’s dream come true and it’s the best if it comes naturally.

Blood Purification : Yoga with its variety of asanas not only helps achieve the above mentioned benefits but also detoxifies the blood.

Helps embracing new changes in body : Yoga will prepare you to deal with the changes your body will experience post wedding and will help you embrace it beautifully.

Positivity : If you are a person who tends to think negative or get jittery easily then yoga is a must for you not only before the wedding but also post that, yoga and positivity go hand in hand so if you want to attract positive vibes in your life , yoga is the way to go!

When should the bride to be join Yoga ?

Yoga is a way of life , the earlier one adapts this in one's life the better it is. However having a time frame of 2-3 months before the wedding will definitely help.

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