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Makeup Artiste Gouri Kapur answers Bridal Makeup Questions

We spoke to ace makeup artiste Gouri Kapur from Bangalore and got a few useful tips on party and bridal makeup. Here’s what she had to say:

myShaadi: Define your idea of beauty.

Gouri: It's the perfect balance of the inner and outer beauty. When you are beautiful within - you radiate a glow that make up only enhances.

Q and A - Makeup Artiste - Gouri Kapur

myShaadi: Which are the best products for Indian skin tone?

-> A light eye and face make up remover which is soft on your skin L’oreal and Cover Fx are my favourite.
-> A night cream is an essential beauty product.
-> A BB cream that you can't go wrong with.
-> Eyebrow fillers that are ignored by Indians is actually a must have to complete your look.
-> Make up forever eye pencil is my favourite.
-> Inglot lip tints are a must have and they have great colours for all complexions.

myShaadi: Revolutionary concepts that have changed the face of bridal make up in India.

Gouri: Vibrant colours in makeup products that can be complemented to Indian skin tones and help in completing the look with the various colours that Indian brides experiment with, it’s been a boon. Shimmer and glitter that add sparkle to a bride and immediately converts any look to super glam. International brands of makeup entering India and good makeup artistes.

myShaadi: Difference between party and wedding make up ?

Gouri: Party make up is more about attitude teamed with the outfit and makeup. In bridals we are more liberal on shades and application - putting on the bling aesthetically, as the bridal outfits are always embellished with silver, gold and diamonds. Bridal makeup gives an artist more leverage to play with colours too.

myShaadi: Things to be kept in mind before a bridal make over?

Gouri: Pack separate bags for every function with everything in it, this ensures you do not miss anything once the wedding chaos invades and saves time for the makeup artist and you. A meeting with the makeup artist prior to your wedding date always helps. They would probably put you onto the right people for your various creative needs involved. And discuss your likes and dislikes and give an idea for your look on your final day. Take tips on your hair and skin that you would benefit from before the wedding day that would help in enhancing the look.

Q and A - Makeup Artiste - Gouri Kapur

myShaadi: Skin care advice for brides susceptible to acne.

Gouri: Please do not go overboard on salon offers for brides. They will overdo everything to make money and ruin your skin further. Visit a dermatologist and stop using the medicated creams a week prior to your wedding date as it dries out your acne and your skin around it which interferes with makeup.

Drink plenty of water, coconut water, fresh vegetables and fruits. Stay away from junk - your skin and body will thank you for it. Use only home remedies for your skin after consultation with your dermatologist - depending on the intensity of your problem. Avoid use of makeup before the wedding if you have problematic skin.

About Gouri Kapur:

Q and A - Makeup Artiste - Gouri Kapur

Gouri Kapur has been in this industry for over a decade. An established name to reckon with, she has worked with stars like Deepika Padukone, Neha Dhupia, Sonali Bendre, Yana Gupta, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Katrina Kaif, Lisa Ray, Rahul Dravid and Pooja Bedi.

She has done work for television commercials like the Royal Challengers ad with director Sanjay Gupta, award winning advertising campaigns for Tanishq , Kingfisher, Nike and worked with Mahendra Singh Dhoni for KSDL. She has worked on editorials for Vogue, L’Official. She was on the panel of the Bangalore Fashion Week, and gives Bangalore's glamour and styles a new dimension.

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