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Personal Grooming and its Importance

Personal grooming is as important as your personality, because at Bodycraft, we believe that the one mirrors the other! Your hands and feet deserve to be pampered once in a while just to de-stress and give them the attention they need. With our specialty personal grooming services, looking fabulous has never been easier.

If you are a bride to be and are teeming with questions concerning personal grooming, here are some of the FAQs we are most commonly faced with.

Q: I am getting married in six months from now and would like to know some of the essentials of personal grooming.

Bodycraft: At Bodycraft, our range of personal grooming services includes manicures and pedicures, waxing, body bleaching, spa treatments and last but not the least, exclusive care and attention given to our customers' nails at our nail bar. We recommend that you avail all our services systematically over a period of a few weeks so that you are all set for your big day.

Personal Grooming and its Importance

Q: I have cracks on my feet and my finger nails have always looked a little shabby. What do you recommend for these?

Personal Grooming and its ImportanceBodycraft: We have AHA treatments for the hands and feet that helps in exfoliation, anti-ageing, removal of tan and slipper marks among others. For a more relaxed, spa-like feel, we recommend the Cherry and Sugarcane Spa or the Mango and Avocado Spa. For cracked feet and similar concerns, we have the highly effective Heel Peel Treatment that you can benefit from. We recommend a minimum of 4 sittings with us for maximum benefit.

At our nail bar, we make use of Gel Polish that treats brittle and chipped nails. This polish acts as a protective outer coating that does not go away with mere acetone, giving you great looking nails. We can give your hands and nails a complete makeover with our Cleopatra’s Milk Treatment. This treatment has the goodness of rose, honey and milk to nourish your hands and feet.

Personal Grooming and its Importance

Q: I have fairly sparse hair on my chest, back and stomach areas, but I’m sceptical as to whether waxing these areas is my best option. Is body bleach safer?

Bodycraft: If you have never waxed your chest area or your upper back, we suggest that you don’t try it just before the occasion. We advise a Blue Bleach instead which conceals the relatively fine hair. Since this bleach is cream-based, it is absolutely safe and nourishes the skin as well. If the stomach and lower back areas are exposed in your wedding attire, we suggest body bleach followed by waxing.

Personal Grooming and its Importance

Q: I've heard from my friends that they've been getting a Brazilian wax done regularly. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the idea, but at this stage of my life, I guess it is important in terms of hygiene and physical intimacy. How safe is it?

Bodycraft: You are not the first bride to be sceptical and slightly unnerved by the idea of a Brazilian wax. At Bodycraft, our Brazilian wax is done in a very hygienic environment and it is 100% safe. We suggest that if you haven’t done it before, you should at least do it two months prior to the wedding to get used to it.

Q: My skin becomes very sensitive after waxing and I have in growth problems too. How do I prevent the breakout of rashes and redness?

Bodycraft: For sensitive skin, we offer the Milk Polishing treatment after a full body wax, so that the skin is soothed and rashes don’t break out. Our experts here can address your in growth issues and advise proper treatment depending on the severity. Regular exfoliation at home with scrubs should do the trick to get rid of pesky undergrowth. We recommend that you wait a full 6 weeks before you wax so that there is complete hair growth.

Q: I have facial hair, but very sparse eyebrows. Should I wax my upper lip and chin?

Bodycraft: For facial hair, threading or bleach is the safest option, especially if you’re a first timer. Thin eyebrows can be made to look voluminous with our tinting services. This gives your eyebrows more thickness and definition.

With Bodycraft, personal grooming has been made easy and you can now avail our myriad treatments for simply looking your best ALWAYS!

About Bodycraft Spa & Salon

For more than two decades now, Bodycraft Spa & Salon has been Bangalore's most known and trusted destination for cutting-edge styling, hair and skin care, and wellness services.

Under the tutelage of Manjul Gupta, a protégé of the legendary Shehnaz Hussain and a beauty care professional of 26 years, Bodycraft has grown rapidly in terms of range of services as well as infrastructure since its inception in 1997.

Today, Bodycraft services over 40,000 satisfied clients across five avant-garde facilities spread over 40,000 square feet. With state of the art equipment and over 400 professionals trained by international experts from Wella, Sebastian, SP, Dermalogica, Ainhoa and EZFlow, our customers are in extremely capable hands. Website

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