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When daddies cry!

SO while you walk down the aisle with a bated breath towards your Prince Charming, you have your King walking by your side. The closer you get to the prince, the harder it becomes to let go off the king. The butterfly effect takes a toll on you and the mixed emotions make you feel so unclear. But my dear bride, remember the fact that choosing one today doesn't mean leaving the other behind. It only means having two by your side!

​When daddies cry

Daddies are our strengths and our weakness. Their smiles are the reason for utmost joy and their tears are reasons for our breakdown. Daughters are the motivations behind a happy life. They are their daddy’s elixir of life.

Here are some emotional Father-Daughter Diaries.....

11th December’07

7:30 a.m.

I don’t feel sleepy today morning. I know it’s unlike other mornings, not because I’m getting married tonight but because daddy isn't calling my name to wake me up. My ears are dying to listen to his voice; he should have come up today. When will he get this chance again? Being frustrated because of this my eyes couldn't rest more. I opened my eyelids with a mind set to see everything for the last time. And bam! As soon as I woke up I saw my dad staring endlessly at me. My eyes met with his after such a long time. I could understand just one thing: I didn't want to leave the bed and I know he wanted me to sleep back.

​When daddies cry

Did I invite you to my princess’s wedding? Oh sorry, If I’ve forgotten. I’m so taken aback by all the hectic preparations of a typical Punjabi wedding. Coming back, my daughter’s getting married tonight. It’s been a tough week this side. Look at my silly baby, she’s still sleeping. I wake her up every morning and then we have a full argument session. With such innocent sheepish eyes she says, “five minutes more pa.” I came to wake her up this morning. Just when my vocal chords were about to pronounce her name, my eyes got moist.

​When daddies cry

I didn't wake her up. I felt like staring endlessly at her beautiful face. Believe me she’s the same since the day I looked at her for the first time. She still sleeps with her hands coiled. As I kept on thinking the same she opened her eyes. We had an eye contact after a long time. I could understand just one thing: She didn’t want to leave the bed and I wanted her to sleep again!

​When daddies cry

11th December’07

2:30 p.m.

It is a day full of ceremonies. Everybody is enjoying but standing behind the curtain I can see my dad. He will not eat anything today, that’s what the pandit says. Just like usual days, I’m sure he’s missed his blood pressure tablet. I wonder when he will learn to have it. on time. So I left my plate and tapped his back. He smiled as if he knew what I’m up to.

I could feel something behind his smile; I could see his moist eyes!

Somebody just tapped my back and who else could it be. My princess was there. Her one hand had my medicine and the other a glass of water. Her eyes gave a tense look, the ones which expressed her fear of me not taking care of myself. She’s my kiddo. When will she understand that it’s not the wedding that’s creating a pressure on me, it’s the fear of not having her tomorrow. Not having her to take care of myself. Just as our eyes met I didn't want her to feel anything that was behind my smile; I didn’t want her to see the moist eyes.

12th decebmer’07

4:00 a.m.

Okay. So it’s the time to tell you that even though I’m leaving yet I can’t ever leave your side. The biggest fear that haunts me is to see my hero-my dad shedding tears. I’ll always dread such a moment even if it’s for me. He’s truly the strongest man I have ever known and if he cries today, I’ll break from within. My heart throbs with anxiety each time our eyes meet. I cannot say anything tonight. I don’t want him to shed tears at all. I know its crude, but that’s the way it is. In spite of fearing his tears I know that I would cry today and with me he will cry harder!

So you’re going, right? People said this day would be the hardest for me and believe me it’s beyond what hardest can ever explain. You don’t even remember what cheers you brought in my life when you came to me. You were so tiny and look at you now! Hugging you tonight makes me feel the same things I had felt when you were an hour old baby.

Keep coming home, okay? You might have got another home but for me, I’d built just one and that one was for you.

I have always stopped you from shedding your pearl like tears, but today I’ll let you cry and with you I’ll cry harder!

​When daddies cry

So, if you’re the little girl who’s getting married tonight or if you’re the hero of your little princess, I know what you’re feeling and this was just a little attempt to express it.

Images Courtesy: Atul Pratap Chauhan

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