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WedFlash - The perfect mobile app for your wedding

Aren't weddings all about capturing beautiful, crazy & fun moments into memorable frames that you can treasure for life? But who likes to wait for the Wedding album to finally come out months after the actual wedding takes place! Also a couple would hire 1-2 photographers for their wedding, who obviously cannot be present everywhere, using the app, imagine being able to convert every guest into a photographer for your wedding.

Introducing WedFlash App, India's first Wedding Photo Sharing App that allows guests to click pictures, share them with others and post comments - all in one place and in real time. We always have some family member who could not attend the wedding because of some unavoidable reason. Using the app they can view a live stream of the wedding pictures and hence dont miss any moment. Think of it like having 100 photographers for your wedding capturing every moment as it happens.

​WedFlash - The perfect app for your wedding

Its not just wedding pictures, the app can also be used to capture pre-wedding memories like guests playing dumbcharades,antakshri at night or to share pictures of pre-wedding events like mehendi etc, when you might not even have a photographer hired for it.

To spread the word, you can always invite guests from within the app or insert a small note with your wedding invitation card, telling your guests about the app. We are sure they will love ( envy you too ;) ) it that you have an app for your wedding.

The app can be linked to your wedding website on also, so that guests can access all the wedding details as well on their phone.

Google Play store link (Android) :

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