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What NOT to gift your Partner

wedding gift ideas Birthday gifts, Valentines' Day gifts, "Sorry" gifts or just Random Surprise gifts..You have given them all.. With the time that has gone by, picking out gifts for your loved ones has been quite an experience, hasn't it? Its been a learning process in itself because you have obviously always wanted to gift your beloved the best!

Well now is the time for the big exam! Your wedding gift..and this one's got to be the most special. In this case, have you researched enough? We hope you have, for gone are the days when giving your 'self' to the other person was enough. We live in a material world, where the way you feel about your partner must have material evidence! ;)

Whatever you are planning to give your loved one for your wedding is ultimately your call, for only you know them the best now..however, here are a few tips you could refer to before picking your present.

wedding gift ideas Tips for her

Girls! You are right when you think that 'there's no gift available for a guy that is inexpensive!' Whatever a guy really likes/wants/ always soooo freaking expensive!

No..if you find that suit 'super cute', DO NOT pick it up for him. Even if it is Armani, He will NEVER wear it.

A collage of all your memorable pictures or a slideshow with the popular song from when you first met playing in the background is something you should make for your best 'girl' friend on her birthday. A guy (a) will not understand what to do with it, (b) will not remember the song, neither will he remember the connection.

If you're planning to get him an expensive gizmo invention, please ask him the model, series, year of manufacture, best price, color..everything basically.. and then take him along to buy it. (Don't be surprised if he suddenly remembers some other feature that he wanted just as you walk out of the store!)

If you're confused about what to get him, don't feel bad..the guy is confused about what he wants..No point asking him for suggestions, you will only add to his confusion. If you are planning a surprise, go ahead with it, believe it or not, guys like surprises, however, the surprise must be as private as it can get.. too many people involved..umm..not a guy's thing!

wedding gift ideas Tips for him

As long as a gift is personal and pretty, she will like it. Whether you have spent a fortune on it or just a few hundreds..

If you are planning a surprise that will make her go head over heels then this tip will definitely help you - Stop for a moment and think about all your conversations from the time you have known her, she must have dropped hints every now and then about things that she really really wants.. gather all the hints and create the ultimate surprise for her. Sounds impossible? Next time, just pay more attention!

If you think gifting her an x-box is very cute, because then you both can play together and spend more time with each other, then get rid of the thought right away.. you must refrain from bad thoughts that could get you into some serious trouble!

No matter how simple she is, she wants a present. Period.

If you are planning to buy something for the home to gift your partner, make sure you mention your friends address for the gift to be sent to once she declines accepting it.

After reading all the given warnings, we're sure you're way more sorted in your head regarding the perfect wedding gift for your loved one. We hope this experience turns out to be as amazing as your wedding for both you and your partner. Till then, Happy Shopping! :)

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