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Weave your love story into your Wedding Card!

Mekala Murali from 'Pathrika-Designer Wedding Cards' specialses in the art of creating perfect wedding invitations out of the vague ideas originating in a couple's mind! Below Mekala talks about some new trends in Indian Wedding Cards and also shares some unique wedding invitations that she created for her clients.

Most brides and grooms nowadays ask for a casual and simple wedding invitation, preferably depicting something from their own relationship. The colour schemes, almost always is bright. Neons are a big hit. The size of the invitation itself is small and handy. They usually ask for a specific 'story' to be depicted in the card and we go down the illustration route to make it unique.

Invariably the concept of the card is very personal and close to the hearts of the bride and groom. The card tells their story in a fresh new way. I draw a lot of inspiration from Indian folk art forms and also do a lot of caricatures which seem to be very well received by brides especially. This sort of makes the invitation contemporary with a very traditional twist.Most of them also request for a caricature or illustration of themselves in the card.

Some of my clients have a clear visual idea about what they want. But there are some who come to me with no idea except "something different". It is a process to get them talking, to make them open up and make them cull out some interesting information about themselves. The process is a lot of fun and the bride and groom enjoy it quite a bit, especially the ones who have not been in a relationship before the marriage. We make it as personal as it can be so that it goes down as a beautiful memory for both the bride and the groom.

Some invitation cards by Pathrika:

Chennai Kolkata - This card was designed for a couple belonging to the 2 cities which I love dearly. So we decided to come up with a fun representation of the 2 cities and also included a sketch of the bride and groom. Small little details of the 2 cities were included in the card, which may seem bizarre to someone who doesnt know the cities, but to an insider it makes perfect sense.

Weave your love story into your Wedding Card

Facebook - This invitation was designed to be the Facebook cover picture for a doctor couple who met first at college and then fell in love and decided to take the next step.

Weave your love story into your Wedding Card

Summer wedding - A save the date card done for a couple getting married in Chennai at the peak of summer. Both of them were from Mumbai and so were all of their friends.

Warli - This is one of my personal favorites. We used the traditional warli drawing style to design a very detailed invitation. The entire wedding procession was depicted on the front of the card. All the other faces of this 3 fold card was filed with lovely little details.

Weave your love story into your Wedding Card

Peacock - This was lovingly designed by the mother of the groom. We made the card very masculine despite of the girly theme.We also used very elegant colours as requested by the groom.

Weave your love story into your Wedding Card Weave your love story into your Wedding Card Multicultural - This was designed for a friend who was getting married to her boyfriend of many years belonging to a different culture completely. They were getting married in an authentic south indian TamBrahm style. She was sending these out to her friends in the USA who also belonged to different parts of the world. So we introduced the concept of the wedding subtly.

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