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Tips for a Long Lasting Relationship!

The hustle bustle in the cities doesn't give you time for yourself. Meeting deadlines, struggling with traffic, dealing with household pressures and what not. We get married at a certain age to get away with the chaos and then think that our life would change for the better. But have you ever pondered on the actual picture of your life? Which things after your marriage have really gone good and what all has moved for the worst?

Tips for a Long Lasting Relationship

If not, then I'm glad about it. Kindly do not stress yourself by observing the minutest details of your 'happy' married life. Relationships are never born complicated; it is 'we' who end up complicating them. Being fussy about the good and bad that your marriage can be quite disheartening for some.

Tips for a Long Lasting Relationship

Well I was on my way to Chandigarh when the weather got really favourable. I love the thunder showers and drizzling. Especially when you're driving alone and it gets dark during day time. When the cold wind hits against your skin, believe me, it's soothing enough to make you forget about the throes you go through every day!

On the way I stopped near a roadside tea stall. There is something fascinating about the ginger teas they serve when compared with what you make at home. The aroma of the herbs didn't let me go away without tasting it. So as soon as I got out of the car, the smell of the wet mud rejuvenated my nostrils. As I ordered a cup of some 'masala chai', my eyes stared searching for some good place to sit. While allocating some comfortable space to myself I witnessed another car that stopped by the tea stall.

Tips for a Long Lasting Relationship

The hot tea was such a tranquilizer at this moment for me. Sipping the tea and staring at the old couple who got out of the car was enough to whack my brain. I kept gawking at them but this didn't make them conscious at all. Both were sitting near to the place I chose to sit on. The clouds and the misty weather were romantic not just for the young couples but also for the oldies.

No, they weren't sharing cheeky looks or broad smiles. Rather they were grossly involved in their never ending arguments.

I felt like capturing their silly talks forever with me. You won't believe how the man kept on telling the wife to have the medicines and how the wife kept on telling him the same. Their eyes didn't meet nor did their lips smile broad, yet there was some connectivity that held them together. I was sure that there wouldn't be a thing about each other that they didn't accept. No, their talks didn't sound robust or something rather it was expressive of the LOVE they shared. The love that doesn't happen over some talks or coffees rather the one which happens over the years. Something that involves a lot of tolerance and ability to adopt.

Tips for a Long Lasting Relationship

So if you're the prospective bride or the groom who is going to enter a relationship, I'm sure you're looking forward for a one just like the above. It's easy to use words like 'forever' and 'never-ending' but it is quite tough to absorb them.

One thing that we need to understand is that a wedding is all about complementing each other rather than correcting the other half. Relationships take a disastrous turn when the partners get competitive and start accusing the other of all the wrongs.

Expression is a great healer when it comes to relationships. A small gesture can be of great help but does that mean it is necessary to be shown every time? No. Different people have different mind-sets. It is not obligatory to be expressive. We need to understand each other and stop expecting the expressions to come out.

Another aspect of successful relationships is the face that we need to accept the short comings of our partner. We need to accept the person as a whole and not just their qualities. Nobody can be perfect, not even your loved one. So accept them the way they are and step together for a long lasting relationship.

Tips for a Long Lasting Relationship

Every relationship doesn't just work out itself, there's a lot of patience and effort required to pull it through tough times. Just like you, everybody had loved their partners but only a few have been capable of letting their love last.

Which category are you in? Decide for yourself.

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