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For Hair as beautiful as You! - Rod Anker

wedding bridal hairstyleI have been in India for over 3 years and have had the absolute pleasure to be part of some of the most elaborate weddings in this time from Bollywood to Industrialists to just the everyday Bride, all are amazing! What I always say is "Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance" ( the 5 P's ) and when it comes to one of the most important time of your life that will be remembered both in your heart as well as in photos, you need to take extra care with your hair.

Well everyone is thinking and planning for the wedding season which is around the corner and if your wedding is coming up here are some points to think of and some helpful hints to ensure your hair looks as good as you feel!

Let's get some Myths out of the way so you can concentrate on reality

There is nothing you can do to make your hair grow faster, sorry but this is the reality- Regular trims will ensure that your hair is in the best condition, but make sure you are cutting less off than what is growing. Average growth, is 1 inch per month, more or less. It is slightly more in summer but not noticeable.

If you want shine, then there are many products in the market that ONLY add shine, no hold just shine. But be careful not to overdo it or your hair will look oily and dirty.

wedding bridal hairstyleWith the summer only getting hotter you have to be careful that perspiration does not destroy all the work you have taken hours to prepare and months to plan. Stay cool and keep an umbrella close, so you are not under direct sunlight. There is nothing to put in your hair that will prevent this, powder will leave the hair looking dull and it may absorb some moisture but it will not prevent perspiration.

Frizz is a word that makes most brides feel sick. Be careful and make sure that you have not rushed into your bridal hairstyle. It needs to be thoroughly blow dried prior to it being put up, make sure some smoothing creme has been used as this will repel moisture and keep your hair frizz-free.

Color can add quite a bit to a bride's look, so make sure you have an intense consultation prior to the wedding so you can plan your look with precision. More and more brides are opting to make their dark hair a few shades lighter and add some variation by lifting the look which is great! This is not for everyone but certainly can add some va va vroom to a bride's look!

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