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Choose your Dream Wedding Cake!

Cakes are not just for birthdays but for many special occasions in our lives - wedding, engagement, anniversaries, or celebrating just about any special moment in our lives! Ashwini bakes them for you in her unique style and design but ensures they reflect you and your loved ones. Here's her take on what's new in Indian Wedding Cakes as she showcases some of the cakes she has baked for her clients...

Choose your Dream Wedding Cake

Trends in wedding cakes keep changing. In India, earlier cakes were made only for Christian weddings as a custom or tradition. These days everyone loves to have a custom made cake for their wedding irrespective of the religion.

Usually couples come to me well in advance for a wedding cake. I get all the details about how they want their cake, any favourite colours, their attires during the ceremony, etc. After getting the details, I then start sketching the cake and getting approvals from the client on all aspects. We also provide cake tastings and different flavours for every tier of the cake.

Choose your Dream Wedding Cake

Couples take the time to design their own wedding cake in accordance with the location, ambience, décor, colour schemes, their attire and many a times based upon their personal experiences like where they met, etc.

Fashion and Flowers!! This is the evergreen trend for wedding cakes.

I designed one such Bollywood fashion inspired cake for the Cake Central Magazine, USA ( for their Vol 4 Issue 5 this year. The colour scheme of this cake was to be Blue and Magenta and needed mehendi designs and needed to be inspired by an Indian Wedding.

Choose your Dream Wedding Cake Choose your Dream Wedding Cake Choose your Dream Wedding Cake

While designing this cake, I started the bottom tier with a Hexagon with Mehendi design all over, A Saree Palu drape falling around the tiers, another tier with the saree border, In between the top and the middle tiers was placed a Havan Kund and Mandap for the wedding ceremony. The Top tier was adorned with Jewellery. On top of this was a sugar plaque floating on sugar strings. 2 white doves seated over this plaque with a mangalsutra around their neck symbolising a married couple.

Choose your Dream Wedding Cake

The ceremonies for a wedding start with the engagement. Another favourite of mine happens to be a cake worked on for an engagement. Here the client wanted a white cake with a classic look along with some ethnicity. Hence the Peacock perched on the cake was incorporated in the design. Green cascading orchids adorned the top and other side of this cake. The orchids had an Ombre effect (Dark green to yellow) to them, Ombre being a very IN style for cakes lately. A blue butterfly was shown on the flowers.

Choose your Dream Wedding Cake

Image Courtesy: The Dream Cakes

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