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Bridal Make-up & Hair Styling by Bodycraft Spa & Salon

For over 15 years now, Bodycraft Spa & Salon is Bangalore’s most known and trusted destination for cutting-edge styling, hair and skin care, and wellness services. A patronage of over 60,000 clients extending across a decade and a half stands testament to our quality and excellence. Over 400 trained and experienced professionals cater to our clients with the following offerings: spa & wellness, salon & styling, professional skin care, nail bars and bridals in association with many international brands such as Sebastian Professional, Wella, Dermalogica, Ainhoa, Sothy’s, Mac etc. We also cater to advanced clinical solutions for hair and skin at the Bodycraft Skin & Cosmetology Clinic.

Bridal Make-up & Hair Styling by Bodycraft Spa & Salon

Bridal make-up and hair styling has always been Bodycraft’ s forte. Today, we have evolved into an end-to-end service provider for the bride, groom and their families covering a comprehensive range of pre-wedding treatments and professional make-up with hair styling for the special day.

While most people go for a variety of treatments and grooming closer to their wedding day, they tend to ignore the stressful weeks and months leading up to the big day, which can have long term damage on your hair, skin and overall appearance. A bride or groom should start their pre-bridal treatment at least 8-10 weeks before the wedding. A pre-bridal package can be customized to include treatments for hair, skin, hand, feet and the body.

Bridal Make-up & Hair Styling by Bodycraft Spa & Salon

Hair Styling, Nourishment and Repair

We recommend hair spa from Wella’s Sp Alchemy, tailor made to meet your specific hair needs. Each treatment is a unique combination of infusions prepared by our Alchemists after a thorough consultation and scientific diagnosis. These treatments have solutions for most hair problems like dry and damaged hair, hair loss and dandruff, lack of volume and, greasy and irritated scalp. Enrolling for 2 rounds of this package, which is about 8 sittings over a course of 2 months, benefits the hair, enhancing its vitality and making it lustrous for the wedding. This gives the bride a choice to leave her hair open without any hesitation of its natural flow.


Bridal Make-up & Hair Styling by Bodycraft Spa & SalonBodycraft’s enhance and styling services offer cutting edge hair fashion with internationally renowned brands Vidal Sassoon and Sebastian Professional. We advise brides to go for a package in hair restyling, colouring or rebonding depending on the profile of their hair and personal choice. A good cut and style is an absolute for a bride and should ideally be done 2 weeks prior to the wedding.

Most brides need length in hair to be able to sport different types of hairstyles. Avoid working with something too adventurous just before the wedding for the cut-an elegant style with soft layers and options in fringe would ideally work the best. With long hair an option of disconnections can be worked well as well.

Bridal Make-up & Hair Styling by Bodycraft Spa & SalonHair extensions are a great investment for this time as well. These days there are options in 100%human hair extensions and in memory hair (this is not 100%human hair but fibre mixed with human hair). The memory hair option is good as it is also very cost friendly.

Along with a new style, some classic color, highlights or flashes work excellently to enhance your complexion and bring out a more glamorous look. Soft browns, coppers, burgundy are good color options for the bride to work with. If you want something different then techniques like flashes and ombre will give you effects different from typical highlights. These can be worked in colors like Soft gold and red.

Bridal Make-up & Hair Styling by Bodycraft Spa & Salon

If the hair is frizzy and thick, straightening is a good option as it will make it more manageable, smooth and soft. This may also be done 2-3 weeks before the wedding so that the style sets in well. Right products and good home care also goes a long way in ensuring good health of hair. Invest in good essential care-shampoos and conditioners and also in a good leave-in range-serums and styling products.

For severe hair problems we recommend a consultation with the Dermatologist at the Bodycraft Clinic. Advanced treatments like Mesotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy are particularly effective for hair loss and regrowth.

About Bodycraft Spa & Salon

Bridal Make-up & Hair Styling by Bodycraft Spa & SalonFor more than two decades now, Bodycraft Spa & Salon has been Bangalore's most known and trusted destination for cutting-edge styling, hair and skin care, and wellness services.

Under the tutelage of Manjul Gupta, a protégé of the legendary Shehnaz Hussain and a beauty care professional of 26 years, Bodycraft has grown rapidly in terms of range of services as well as infrastructure since its inception in 1997.

Today, Bodycraft services over 40,000 satisfied clients across five avant-garde facilities spread over 40,000 square feet. With state of the art equipment and over 400 professionals trained by international experts from Wella, Sebastian, SP, Dermalogica, Ainhoa and EZFlow, our customers are in extremely capable hands. Website

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