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Advantages of Hiring A Wedding Planner

We often hear about Dream Weddings being brought to life with excellent planning and execution skills. But with all the wedding stress and attention to details, can the bride and groom do it all alone?? We spoke to Ace Wedding Planner, Namrata Kohli on why a wedding becomes hassle free when a wedding planner takes over! Here's her take...

Today's bride is very different from a bride of the 50s or 60s. Having a full time career with late working hours often doesn't allow for much "me time." So when it comes to planning her own wedding, today's bride can use all the help she can get.

Wedding Planners have the expertise and know how to pull all the wedding elements together. For brides who handle everything on their own, they end up making costly mistakes and are highly stressed. Wedding planners are in the business for not only the planning process but for the coordination and flawless execution of the event. It's a bride's special day so she should enjoy it and let a professional handle the details.

Advantages of Hiring A Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be very expensive and although brides/grooms families may think that hiring a wedding planner is an unnecessary expense. But wedding planners can save brides/grooms money as they are able to negotiate with wedding vendors in order to get the best rates, fees, and services which a bride is unable to do by herself.

Wedding planners will help the bride/groom & their families to determine how to allocate funds based on priority and importance, thus ensuring you don’t end up wasting money or time on unnecessary things.

A wedding planner saves time for the bride & her family by fully dedicating themselves along with a team of professionals to ensure every wedding need is fulfilled.

A wedding planner is a great person to deal with your family and friends! You will have everyone you run into from the time you announce your engagement give you their ideas and suggestions… what they did at their wedding … what their friends did at their wedding … what they always wanted to do and didn't. This unsolicited advice can be taxing on you while you try to make your plans. Having a hired wedding professional helps you figure out what YOU want and someone to “blame”.. “oh thank you for the lovely idea, I’ll discuss that with my wedding planner and see what she/he thinks”.

Advantages of Hiring A Wedding Planner

Wedding planners ensure you & your family enjoy the pre-wedding activities rather than bothering about which items need to be picked up from where.

Being a point of contact for your vendors; the few days before your wedding you don’t want to hear from every vendor you have booked so they can triple check the timeline (which your wedding planner will make!), when you want them there and last-minute questions. They will all call your wedding planner and if she/he has any questions you have one person talking to you instead of your phone ringing off the hook.

A wedding planner is the one person who has no emotional connection to your day. When you are stressed and want to vent you can call your wedding planner.

Wedding planners charge based on the scope of their work. This can vary from Rs. 15000/day (only for coordination with just 1 prior meeting) upwards. The upper limit could go upto 1-1.5 lakh/ day.

The engagement period should be full of excitement and a time for couples to really bond with one another and their families.

Advantages of Hiring A Wedding Planner

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