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Indian Wedding Jewelry Trends 2013

Young jewelry designers Vidhi & Mamta Gupta from Zariin give us insights into the latest wedding jewelry trends for brides this season! Read to know more..

Breaking out of the bygone era, times have changed for the modern globe trotter bride of today and the choices that she makes for the day. She has absorbed various cultures, has experienced the nooks of the world and yet remains stylishly rooted to the traditions so familiar.

The thing with weddings today is that what you wear is no more an epitome of your family’s wealth but a reflection and celebration of the individual that you are. It is about bringing together everything that you are about and making ‘the day’ truly yours! And it only gets better because the over-flooding wedding market allows you to do so and you are left nothing short of being spoilt for choice.

Indian Wedding Jewelry Trends 2013

There are no rules and it isn't about the trends but more of who you are and what you want out of your wedding. A good reason why jewelry too spells individual character rather than spilling diamonds. An integral part of the bridal outfit, certain trends have emerged in wedding jewelry based off this philosophy:

Making a Statement- Let that one unique piece talk everything for you! Bundling up everything piece of jewel that you own kills the effect of the other.

Layering- Be it your neck or the wrists, experiment with the various lengths for some high on glamour drama.

Contrasts- The jewelry should be of contrasting form and hues to make an impact. Coloured semi precious stones go a long way to help you achieve that.

Nose Rings & Maang Teeka- Spotted on celebrities & international runways, these two elements of bridal jewelry are enjoying their moment of glory. There are some really whacky ones available which are a must-have for the bridesmaid as their instant dress-me-up options!

Cocktail or Statement Rings- Easiest way to make a statement! A must-have not only for the bride but also the bridesmaids. These compliment a huge neckpiece or the super earrings. Never wear the three together!

Balance- Opt for minimalism with heavily embroidered outfit and trendy over-sized ones with simpler ones.

Indian Wedding Jewelry Trends 2013

It’s all about being able to belong to the event and yet making a mark!

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