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Summer Diet Tips for the Bride

The anxiety to look perfect on the wedding day and a strong desire to look ravishing in the designer lehenga takes away the glow from many brides to-be. With summer brides just getting ready for their D day, taking up a summer diet course is still not too late.

So as the temperature soars, get set to eat right to lose some extra weight along with increasing the natural glow on your face. Walking with the impeccable beauty and looking stunning on her wedding day is a dream, every bride to-be have. And to make sure that it happens, brides to-be should start with few precautions, in their diet, well before in time.

Considering you are going to be a summer bride, backless cholis, halter necks and designer fish cut lehengas could be your thing. In short, anything that makes you show off your perfect figure on your wedding night can be part of your trousseau. And you can achieve that hour glass figure in some simple steps.

summer diet for the bride Stay Hydrated summer diet for the bride

For any summer bride, staying hydrated is the first and most simple step of the diet. Consume 3-4 liters of water everyday alongside juices and other beverages like lemonade or buttermilk. You can also take up a cup of green tea that also helps in reducing weight and bring natural glow to your skin. And when it comes to keeping yourself hydrated, avoiding caffeinated or carbonated beverages become a high priority. They are acidic in nature and cause loss of fluids.

summer diet for the bride Eat Right

Make sure you eat 4-5 meals per day. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your summer diet when you are looking to shed some extra weight for the wedding night. Make salads or fresh juices. Minimize or avoid the intake of dried fruits. In summers, when we talk about staying hydrated, stay away from spicy, oily and fatty food items and fried food like samosas, pakodas and junk food items.

summer diet for the bride Exercise a bit

Keeping your body toned would not do any harm. Jog or brisk walk, but do indulge in some sort of exercise. If you fancy, you can also take dancing lessons with your spouse to-be. This way you can spend more time and shed some extra kilos too.

summer diet for the bride Summer Food Items for Brides to-be

Even if you are gulping down the water, do not neglect what you eat in summers. So include a food diet that is high in water content and provides freshness every time you eat it.


summer diet for the bride

Though watermelon resonates as the favorite summer fruit, brides to-be can also include peaches, grapes, apples and citrus fruits like oranges and lemons in their diet.

Curds and Yogurt

Frozen yogurt, flavoured yogurt, yogurt drinks and curd in itself is a great alternative to carbonated drinks. Packed with vitamins and calcium, curd helps to keep your cool. Gulp it down all this summer!


Summer is a time when the body needs fluids to maintain the body temperature.It's a perfect time to drink those fresh juices, fresh coconut water or buttermilk to suit your body and keep your cool throughout the day.

summer diet for the bride Sample Menu

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs or whole grain bread + Fruits
Lunch: Chicken or Caesar Salad
Mid-Day Snack: A bowl of veggies or mixed fruits

Dinner: Soup/Salad/one chapati and vegetable

summer diet for the bride 7 Quick Diet Tips

Just keep a note of these small handy tips and resuscitate the beauty and glow for the D day.

summer diet for the bride

  • Drink one glass of water every hour
  • Drink a fresh glass of vegetable juice twice a day
  • Eat small frequent meals; include a small snack every 2 hours
  • Reduce all fried and sugar laden foods
  • Do a 30-60 minutes cardio activity at least 4 times week
  • Do not starve to lose weight; the only thing you will lose is your vigor and glow

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