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What ‘tomorrow’ brings….A description of all the feelings a bride goes through!

What ‘tomorrow’ brings….A description of all the feelings a bride goes through!

“One night before the wedding all I could feel was the flow of emotions and anxiety. I felt liking hugging dad and never let him go, I felt like lying forever in my mother’s lap and I felt the butterflies whenever I thought of ‘him’. I was so scared to accept the change.”-Tanvi Pal

I’m sure you’re one of those pretty girls who smile as and when they read the word ‘bride’. The best part is that you’re smiling a bit more now since you have just realized what a transformation you’re going to go through. Feeling something intensely grave and emotional? Well, here’s when we come to your rescue.

For some girls the word ‘wedding’ has just a mark of wearing good clothes while there are many of us who would have thought about all the do's and don’ts of their wedding while attending somebody else’s marriage. A gown like so and so was wearing, a hairdo like somebody, a makeup like somebody else and what not. There are so many girls who decide their wedding apparel when they hardly understand the term bride itself.

So do you remember all the nights you've spent with your friends discussing how you would plan your special day? How many times have you stared at the cover page of various magazines designing your own wedding?

What ‘tomorrow’ brings….A description of all the feelings a bride goes through!

Well I’m writing this article not just to make you reminisce the planning that you've done in all these years, rather to emphasize on the fact that you need to accept all that you've done to make this wedding a big success-Feel proud of all the efforts you've put in this wedding and make yourself feel comfortable with what is going to happen.

One night before the wedding would be really tough to get through but remember the fact that you’ll face this feeling just once in your life. As great men say, whatever is felt just once in life is the most beautiful feeling, don’t forget to feel the newness under the pressure of anxiety.

The toughest part for brides is the fact that they realise that everything about their life would completely change now. They don’t even come to know when this realisation becomes their biggest fear. You need to readily accept the change and be happy about it.

What ‘tomorrow’ brings….A description of all the feelings a bride goes through!

Things might change. You might no more be pampered with the cup of tea you get every morning. I’m sure you remember the worst cup of tea you made for your father and how lovingly he called it the best one. It’s tough to get through no recognition and no more pampering but it’s even harder to survive with fake appreciation, right? Everybody would love you for what you are eventually.

Of course, if it’s an arranged marriage you’ll be anxious and would keep on thinking if love would happen. On the contrary the love marriages would make you fearful about the love staying or not. See, human mind can never be at peace and since the queries would never end. So what’s the point of wasting time on all these apprehensions and missing out on all the beautiful moments at a time like this?

You are going to undergo an immense change. From now on you’ll be somebody’s wife and then somebody’s daughter. Feel negative about it? You shouldn't. It’s something to be happy about. Your life partner from now on would be a part of your identity. This is what you've wanted all your life.

Pre acquired inhibitions never work in real life. So forget about the typical serials or fictional books you've read or seen. Surely your mother in law and sister in law would be different from what fiction has to say. You are going to be their son’s wife and you’ll be surprised to know that they already love you. They've accepted you without even knowing you much.

What ‘tomorrow’ brings….A description of all the feelings a bride goes through!

My dear bride, the biggest reason to be happy is the thought of all that comes ahead. Your husband, your new family, your new relationships, your new name and a lot more. Smile, because you’re going to get somebody you’ll rise and shine with, somebody whose hands you’d love to clutch, somebody who would always be there in thick and thin, somebody with whom you’ll love the fights and somebody you’ll always respect and love. Smiling? Oh yeah, I knew this would come up.

So if you’re going from one family, promise yourself to bring happiness in the life of your other family as well. Always remember that this is what your mother did too. And once you overcome this fearful night I promise you there’s a lot that you’ll remember about it.

And since you’re the bride, you need a lot of peace of mind. Stay calm to look beautiful.

Have a great day ‘TOMORROW’.

Photo Courtesy : Akhil Khatri,Avantika Meattle

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