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How Tarot Reading can help Couples

“It was a rainy, stormy night when I got the call. They wanted to know whether I could do a reading in the next half hour since it was an emergency. When they walked into my room, I could see their anxious expressions and silently prayed to the tarot guides to help me guide this couple right. Rishi and Sarita were getting married the next week and leaving for abroad soon thereafter. It had been a pure love match, a whirlwind courtship and then the decision to get married. Everything was perfect, except the fact that the respective families were not in acceptance of the match due to various reasons. They wanted to know if they had taken the right decision and whether their married life was going to be good. I picked three cards and turned them over, as anxious as the much-in-love couple, on brink of a major change. All of a sudden the tension drained away as I saw the 3 sparkling cards telling me that this was surely a love union destined by God and nothing would come in its way! They left soon thereafter, feeling slightly better. It was almost an year later when I received an international call and yes, it was the same couple calling! They had called to thank me for assuring them of their decision that night. They were well settled abroad, happy and very much in love with each other and wonder of wonders, the families had reconciled as well!”

How Tarot Reading can help Couples

This is the power of the Tarot when you apply it to relationships. Not every reading is a happy one of course, but whatever the consequences, the Tarot is a sure fire guide to dealing with the anxieties and euphoria of love and how to work with it. Whether it is consulting before getting into a relationship, during it, or at the end of it, it is assured that a divine objective will be placed before you. I would urge especially couples getting into marriage to have a consultation with the Tarot so that they know what the good news is as well as the ups and downs so that they have a tool to handle the way their life together works out.

Relationships are so much more about management than any management course will teach you. Once the rosy glow of love fades to an easy familiarity, one starts seeing the flaws (which are often just differences of opinion), and that is when you would really need some true guidance. If you are in this phase than you should know that ‘this too shall pass’, but if you stick with it and fight it out. Sometimes, a bolt from the blue is all you need to make things better and what better a bolt than a divine one…the Tarot?!So go ahead and take a leap of faith! It will make the landing easier and the path smoother.

Significant cards for relationship readings:

Major Arcana:

The lovers: generally meaning a divine union/Love
The Hierophant: An arranged match and one which would work out with the blessings of elders/Blessing of God
The Sun card: A partner that will make you very happy/Birth of a child

The Star Card: Good times coming soon

How Tarot Reading can help Couples

Minor Arcana:

The entire suit of cups is relevant to relationships and any and every card from this suit which appears in a reading, would be relevant.

Some Important questions to ask your Tarot reader:

Tell me about my partners nature
Does he/she truly love me?
Tell me about the course of this relationship. Will it end in marriage or not.
Tell me about the course of this marriage.
Tell me what to do to solve the current problems we are facing
Will we have children? If so, how many?

What are my in laws like?

There are a whole host of questions one can ask depending on the situation, and most of these can be answered by the tarot very effectively. However, do remember to keep the questions as objective and clear as possible.

Also, timelines, if any, given by your tarot reader, are often prone to blurring. No divination science in this world has achieved a 100% accurate hit rate for predictions and nor will it, in the future. This is because, the future is fluid and always changing. There are many paths to take, each of which will bring you to a certain destination. If you consult the tarot, it will probably point you to the best road ahead and a happy ride along with it!

How Tarot Reading can help Couples

Auspicious wedding dates for 2013:

15,16,17th July
20,21 and 25th October
9,11,15th December

“Relationships are made in heaven, but lived on earth…”

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