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Choosing Your Wedding Invitation Design

Picking out your wedding invitation design can be one of the toughest decisions you make during the wedding planning process. After all, this is the piece of stationery that will set the tone for your big day for all of your wedding guests! Depending on the kind of wedding you are planning, there are different designs that will work for you.

Always keep your wedding theme or motif in mind when choosing your design. Whimsical paisleys can set the tone for a playful affair, while playful peacock illustrations might prepare guests for a more romantic celebration.

If you have your heart set on a certain theme, use different fonts to change up the style of your invitation set. Script fonts work wonders for formal wedding celebrations, while more modern fonts can be used for contemporary affairs.

If you aren't seeing the perfect wedding invitation design out there, ask your printer to custom design one for you! Some couples want to incorporate religious art into their designs or have a hand-drawn illustration made just for them. Ajalon adores bringing your invitation visions to life.


Our Gajal wedding invitation is a delightful design that excites every wedding guest when they lay eyes on it. Created for a multicultural couple looking to embrace eastern and western design elements, Gajal gracefully announces wedding day information next to floral paisley designs.

The entire invitation set, including a schedule of events and response card, looks amazing when placed within a custom pocket folder.

Choosing Your Wedding Invitation Design


Sai is one of our favorite invitations within the South Asian gallery! The chevron pattern makes this a favorite among hip couples throwing non-traditional affairs. Whether printed in one or two ink colors, Sai is the perfect invitation design for a modern celebration.

Choosing Your Wedding Invitation Design


Are you trying to set the tone for a day full of love and fun? Preeti might be the invitation design perfect for your big day! We love Preeti’s pretty paisleys that seem to dance next to invitation wording.

Switching up the ink colors will set the tone for a more traditional affair as well. Just imagine Preeti in deep red and gold, or teal and copper ink colors.

Choosing Your Wedding Invitation Design


Meera is a wedding invitation design that no one can take their hands off of! The amazing texture on Meera is created by the letterpress printing process. A transparent ink is used where invitation wording is present, resulting in a blind impression that will leave every single guest in awe!

Mixing up the paper, ink colors, and font choices is sure to result in an invitation perfect for your upcoming big day.

Choosing Your Wedding Invitation Design


Lalita’s classic mandala motif is perfect for South Asian weddings of all kinds. Some couples like to add in an extra ink color (or a pop of some shiny foil!) to really make this an invitation that stands out in the crowd.

Choosing Your Wedding Invitation Design


Jessica is one of our most popular wedding invitation designs. The peacock motif is hand-drawn, reminding guests of beautiful mehendi designs applied on the hands and feet of Maharanis.

We have loved seeing Jessica printed in different ink colors and font choices. It has set the tone for a spectrum of wedding celebrations.

Choosing Your Wedding Invitation Design


Sunita is another invitation designed especially for a contemporary, multicultural couple. Beautiful paisley motifs set a whimsical and formal tone for your upcoming big day.

The entire set is held together by a custom belly band that excites guests upon arrival.

Choosing Your Wedding Invitation Design


Another invitation designed with elaborate mehendi in mind, Jasmin is a romantic invitation design that is perfect for traditional South Asain celebrations.

Feel free to add religious symbols or scripture quotes to really set the tone for a formal ceremony, and be sure to include a schedule of events to let guests know when the amazing reception will start.

Choosing Your Wedding Invitation Design

Wedding Card Wording Advice – Parents’ Names

After you have selected your wedding card design, the hard part is almost over! Deciding on wedding invitation wording is next. The most common thing couples get hung up on is determining how to include their parents in the invitation.

Some parents couldn't care less if they are left out of invitation wording, while others couldn't imagine not being mentioned first! Luckily there are some traditions that help us determine these little details without stepping on anyone’s toes.

Traditionally, which ever set of parents is hosting (or paying for) the celebration is the one mentioned within the invitation. This was usually the bride’s parents, hence the “requesting the honor of your presence at their marriage of their daughter.”

Dr. and Mrs. Pandu and Padma Tadoori
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Srinevas Dhawan

If it is the groom’s parents hosting the affair, they would be the ones doing the inviting of the guests and would be mentioned first if you are including both sets of parents within the wording.

Mrs. Kiran & the Late Mr. Andy Sippy
request the pleasure of your company to celebrate
the marriage of their son
Ana Victoria
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gil and Salve Tordilla

While these are traditionally the correct ways to word your invitations, we can’t deny that the times have changed! More and more couples are hosting their own affairs, eloping, and leaving parents’ names out of the whole thing. No matter what you do for your big day, you are bound to have one amazing invitation!

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