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9 Make Up Secrets Every Bride Should Know

indian bridal makeup

Dressing up and looking the best for your big day and maintaining the look throughout the hours long ceremony of a traditional Indian wedding will now be made much easier, as the 'Top 9 Make up Secrets' are about to be revealed! To make it even better, there is a bonus tip in the end.. so read on bridies.. your flawless look for the Big Day is only a few secrets away!

indian bridal makeup Water/ Sweat proofing

Makeup setting spray seals your bridal makeup and will make your makeup last for good 8-10 hours. It's easily available in the market as a makeup fixer or makeup setting spray.

indian bridal makeup Shaping the eyes well

This is my favorite part. I love working on the eyes. To shape the eyes well you must use a lot of kajal. Always remember to highlight the socket area on the upper eyelid with a shade darker than the eye shadow color as this opens up your eyes and make them look well defined.

indian bridal makeup Highlighting features of the face

Everyone has one unique facial feature that stands out - it could be your eyes, lips or high cheek-bones. So you need to highlight the best feature on your face. If your eyes are good, make sure you highlight them with some bright colors or make them smokey for an evening function. Highlight your lips with some bright colors and add a touch of gloss.

indian bridal makeup

indian bridal makeup For a professional Matte

Loose powder is the primary key in achieving a matte look with your makeup. Apply loose powder on the face with a brush or powder puff well to set the foundation and to give a matte finish. Loose powder helps to absorb any excess oil on the skin and regulates it throughout the day.

indian bridal makeup If you want it Glossy

Moisturize your face well with your regular face cream or moisturizer. Then use a cream based foundation and use a iridescent power to set the base. For eyes and cheeks, go for eye shadows and blush-ons with frost. For lips use a lip-color with gloss. Even if you don't have a colored gloss, buy a transparent lip gloss and mix it with your matte lipstick to make your lips glossy.

indian bridal makeup Shaping/ Shading the Eye brows
  • Perfect eyebrows depend on the shape, size and arch of the eyebrow.
  • The beginning of the eyebrow should align with the center of the nostrils.
  • The arch of the brow should fall at the end of the eyeball.
  • The eyebrow should follow the length of the eye but it should not extend into the temple area.
  • Do not pluck eyebrows into a thin line thinking it will make your eyes look bigger. It can give the face a surprised look and this shape is not easy to correct once its done.

indian bridal makeup

indian bridal makeup Pimple/ Blemish/ Scar covering

For visible skin flaws, you can use correctors and concealers. Correctors are different from concealers- they are generally green, yellow or orange in color. These are meant to correct certain flaws like under eye circles/redness. Apply these before concealer and then use a foundation. Make sure to dab your concealer, if you swipe it, it will rub off the top of your blemish.

bridal makeup Prevention of smudging

Use pro-long wear makeup products to avoid smudging. After finishing makeup, remember to use makeup fixer.

bridal makeup Use proper lights for make up

I feel (yellow) halogen lighting is the best way to go when applying makeup. Halogen lighting is incandescent lighting and it gives sharper details.

My Secret!

The best kept makeup secret is "less is more". Keep it simple with colors that match your skin tone. Keep a natural look for the day. For the evening, dark smoky eyes with a lighter shade of lipstick are perfect. :)

  • Enlightening indeed! Love the Artist's work.

  • My fiance would love this article, she is always looking for make-up tips.

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