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Wedding Chocolates - The New 'Sweet' in Wedding Boxes!

Chocolate is the most admirable sweet these days. When selecting the sweets for your special day there can be nothing better than chocolates not just because of the amazing health benefits, long shelf life, wide range of flavors and designs but also chocolates convey a sense of luxury and celebration for the big day in your life!

Wedding Chocolates: The New 'Sweet' in Wedding Boxes!

The Shift in Wedding Chocolate flavors this year...

There is a blend of the contemporary chocolate and traditional dry fruits. The wedding boxes are filled with roasted almonds and roasted cashews else the milk chocolate loaded with roasted dry fruits

On the contemporary side, the soft centered truffles with supreme flavors like the caramel, caramel honey, the smooth hazelnut, the tangy orange, the summer lemon are all time favorite.

Wedding Chocolates: The New 'Sweet' in Wedding Boxes!

The demand for 'Customized' Wedding Chocolates

Today the demand for personalized and 3D chocolates has taken a higher edge. The customized range keeps the receiver dazzled with designs and remembers the invite for a long duration! That is the kind of impact customization has on people!

The hottest selling are the 'Chocolate Wedding Invites', the edible chocolate invite! The trend is more towards creating an extra edge when it comes to innovation and keeping the delectable taste of the chocolate at the best! It is pure fusion of creativity and soothing the taste buds.

When it comes to chocolate bites, the couple names are engraved on the food gradable wraps keeping each bite customized.

Wedding Chocolates: The New 'Sweet' in Wedding Boxes!

The Focus on Design

As it is said, "we eat with the eyes first ", so focus on the design is extremely critical especially when the focus is on themes like the 'Royal Rajwara', there in an intricate blend of tradition and modern design. The traditional and contemporary flavors are blended keeping the design in mind.

The Shelf Life and Handling Chocolates

Chocolates are best kept on the tongue! On a serious note, the shelf life is an amazing characteristic of chocolate , the chocolate present can last up to 5-6 months! So, every time one bites in that chocolate there is a flash back of your wedding ceremonies! As a suggestion, in the summer season, especially the April-May-June quarter it is best to have your chocolate delights wrapped in 'food gradable wraps' while putting them in your wedding boxes as there is a slight change in the temperature. Chocolates always stay the best sweet to be presented along with your wedding invite.

Wedding Chocolates: The New 'Sweet' in Wedding Boxes!

The time required

It is good to finalize the design and the flavors 2 months prior to the wedding date, it keeps you more relaxed when the major part of the invite is already taken care of .

About ADeez

Wedding Chocolates: The New 'Sweet' in Wedding Boxes!ADeez Concept Chocolates is a leading manufacturer of customized chocolates from Noida. Founded in 2010, headed by Deepali Grover with a team of in house chefs and product designers, it has created a niche for itself in the chocolate industry! They are extremely passionate for their work with a list of increasing loyal clientele. With the Midas touch, they make special occasions more sweet and memorable with an amazing work for weddings , birthdays , baby shower and corporate gifting. Website, Facebook

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