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Bridal Eye Make-Up

Your eyes can speak a million words... especially while getting married, when between you and your partner, just the eyes do the talking. Why not add to the beauty of this conversation..let the eyes have a marriage of their own.. with a few basic tips and suggestions here and there, you can do wonders with your 'bridal eye make-up'!

bridal eye makeup

What's 'IN'?
The latest bridal eye make up trends include a lot of glamour. Shine, shimmer, sparkle and gloss is in. Smokey eyes are still popular among those who can carry it off. Add lots of colors, lots of kajal, liner, thick mascara and artificial eye-lashes (if required).

This season, play with colors. Add a dash of colors to your eyes complimenting your outfit and complexion. Experiment with glitter and please note that matte is OUT!

You can choose from the variety of colors for your eyes..from aqua and shades of blue to peach and watermelon, to shades of pink and red, give you eyes the touch of a soothing summer!

With all the sweating involved in a spring-summer wedding, make sure your eye-make is water-proof! A water-proof liner, mascara and kajal are a must because these are articles that tend to leak. So, even if you think you're going to be protected by air-conditioning, don't forget the moment of 'adieu'. Shedding a tear before leaving, could cost you a 'halo-ween ready' make-up if you don't test and pick the right products.

After you are done with all the wedding formalities and decide to call it a day, make sure you remove your eye make-up.

Why is it important?
bridal eye makeupAny kind of make-up tends to block the pores in your skin, thus preventing the skin from breathing. Cleansing helps in unblocking these pores in order to allow the skin to start respiring again. Not removing make-up properly can lead to dullness, dead-looking skin and a break-out of pimples.

Eye-make up should especially be removed with a lot of care because if any particle of your eye-make up remains in your eyes for a long period of time, it can cause irritation, burning and it can also lead to an infection if not treated properly. All this would be the last things you would want right after your wedding day. You can avoid the mentioned consequences by simple following the given steps

Steps of Removing Make-up/Eye Make-up
  1. Wash your face with a soap-free face wash or a face-wash that is suitable for your skin type. Rotate the product with your fingertips in circular motion all over your face for a minimum of 2 mins before gently washing it off with water.
  2. Moisten a ball of cotton/ cleansing pad with make-up remover. It is easily available in almost every brand. Always invest in good make-up removing products. Wipe off the left over eye make-up in and around your eyes.
  3. Tone your skin with either gulab jal or any other toner that suits your skin.
  4. Moisturize, finally, with your daily cream/ night-cream and sleep well to let your skin rejuvenate.

bridal eye makeupIf you have sensitive skin, you should always sign up for a good pre-bridal skin care package in order to prepare your skin for all the heavy make-up your wedding day demands. This also helps your ski to re-cooperate faster after the day of your wedding and helps in maintaining the natural glow of your beautiful face. :)

One eye make up secret that could come handy for your big day would be putting some loose powder under your eyes before starting your Bridal eye make-up. This will prevent excess eye-shadow/ coal powder or any other such dry product from falling on to your base. The loose powder will act as a barrier. Once you are done, you can dust off the excess powder, and go on to applying your liner and mascara.

  • That make up secret in the end is really cool. Great article! :)

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