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Honeymoon in Maldives

maldives tourism

Your honeymoon could be made into one of the most amazing experiences of your life with a romantic holiday, away from the world in the spectacular surroundings of 'Maldives'.

Imagine a private water bungalow on a gorgeous resort island, a swim among beautiful coral reefs, watching the Maldivian sunset, lying down with your beloved under a starlit sky and wishing to remain that way till the end of time ...There may be numerous ways of celebrating your brand new union. At Maldives, you can make each one of them truly magical.

Situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean, multiple baby islands that rarely exceed two meters in height.. form this tropical paradise called Maldives. The turquoise lagoons, picturesque beaches and the rich diversity of marine flora and fauna make your honeymoon seem like an aquatic fairy tale!

maldives honeymoon

Unwind and Relax
Maldives is one of the few places in the world with the perfect kind of weather all year round. An overwhelming sense of serenity and composure lies in the air of these islands that rejuvenates you instantly. You can leave behind all the worldly chaos and worries and repose with your partner in solitude.

Adventure Sports
Every island on Maldives offers a number of water sports to its guests. Swimming, surfing and water-polo are common Maldivian recreational activities which are a whole lot of adventure and fun. Snorkeling, wind-surfing, para-sailing, name it and they'll have it in store.

Surfing is a very popular activity in Maldives as it is a treasure trove for surfers and attracts them from all over the world. Between June and September, the tides may range from 3-8 feet.

deep sea divingDiving in Maldives is one of a kind, with the clear waters throughout the year allow high visibility of the lifestyle under water. So whether or not you are a professional diver, the Maldivian coral reefs, free flowing tides and over a thousand species of fish await your visit.

Explore the variety of inhabitants in the chain of islands through excursions. You will come accross different kinds of villages, from semi urbanized ones with relatively bigger houses and markets where you can shop for local spices etc, to the ones involved in fishing trade where you can try your hand at fishing and ones you've caught a few fish you can move on to the marooned ones where you can put your fish to grill and set up a romantic dinner for just the two of you and spend a great evening.


Spa and Wellness
Just relaxing on the islands of Maldives is a spa in itself as each island possesses powers to heal and soothe with the warm water, soft sparkling sand and beautiful natural surroundings. However there are specially designed spas in the form of cocoons in the middle of the sea, some built on lagoons and underwater spa centers that help caress and compose your nerves.

You both can opt for a massage with 'Maldivian virgin coconut oil' extracted using age-old techniques, blended with 'gandhakolhi leaf' is used to treat minor aches and a traditional sand massage is very effective in curing joint and muscle pain.

So don't think twice!. Book your tickets and enjoy a luxurious honeymoon on this geographical marvel, and take back with you memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. :)

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